Oct. 8th, 2009 11:30 am
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I am ashamed to admit that I read all of Miner's "Body Ritual among the Nacirema" and got to halfway through the footnotes before going "...hang on..."
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I was having a look on Google earlier for advice on PhD research proposals (for reference, the course I'm looking at asks for "a statement of proposed research that outlines [your] intended topic and research strategy in 1000-2000 words").

Then I came across this fantastic piece of outsourcing. To be fair to the person who posted the job, it doesn't say which language it needs to be in - but assuming it's English, I am somehow not surprised that they've tried to contract someone else to write it...


Aug. 27th, 2009 04:15 pm
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Filk below the cut. Just as with the song it's filking, the title character bears no resemblance to [ profile] oxfordgirl's character beyond having a very Fidelian name. Written out because it started earworming me on the cycle back from lunch today. (Also crossposted to [ profile] lrpdrabbles.)

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(Expropriating memes is fun.)

If there is someone on your friends list you would like to take, sit down, offer a biscuit or some cake, prepare some tea for, then have tea and conversation with until the teapot is empty, then wait until you've brewed another pot and do it all over again, then repost this sentence in your journal.
bouteillebleu: (Default) brought to you by a classified ad in this week's Big Issue. It is entitled "The Christian 666 Evolutionary Mandate" and gets almost to "how on earth did you come to that conclusion?", pausing for quite a long time at "...the English language does not quite work like that".

Here's the text of the advert - it's a little long. )
There is then a mention of how to find the author's book on eBay, and a link to his website Book of Soul, the front page of which has a slightly expanded explanation of the advert.

I actually quite like this one, really, because if you file off some of the names it's credible IC heresy for various game settings. It's possibly even slighty *less* heretical and crackpot for Maelstrom than for real life.
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I have a soft spot for crackpot theories. And Edo Nyland's theory of why all languages evolved from Basque, a language which is commonly taken to be an isolate among languages spoken in Europe, is a great example of such.

The story starts with a radio programme suggesting that Odysseus didn't actually sail the Mediterranean, he possibly went to the North Atlantic instead, and goes on as follows:

Could it be that the peoples along the Atlantic coast of Europe had belonged to the same migration and that all these had spoken the same neolithic language we now call Basque? To test this idea I tried the Basque dictionary on "Laistrygonian" and very quickly there appeared "lai-istri-goni-an". Using the full Basque words: laino-istripu-gonbidatu-aniztasun, meaning: fog-accidents-invites-many, or "fog invites many accidents". Indeed the excellent geographical details provided in the epic, and the entrance problems hinted at in the name perfectly fitted only one place on the west coast of Ireland: Killary Harbour in northern Conamara. My linguistic adventure was off to a good start.

For those of you playing along at home, this sort of "linguistic research" - splitting interesting words into random syllable groups, finding vaguely related Basque words and making up etymologies for the word out of them - is a staple of his theories. It's also complete bullshit.

I'd have a look at his book, but not for £17, and unsurprisingly the UL doesn't have a copy since Trafford Publishing appears to be a vanity press.

They charge a hundred dollars to submit your manuscript, two dollars per page to correct formatting errors in your manuscript among other things that are fairly normal in the editorial process for a non-fiction book as far as I'm aware, and a whole host of expensive packages if you're desperate to be "published" and want more cachet than, say, typesetting your own books and selling them on Lulu will bring you. For what it's worth, at least Lulu is honest that it's effectively Cafepress for books.

(Found this while I was tagging old Livejournal posts and discovered the old link in my original post didn't work.)
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One of the things that puts me off in fiction is when the writer drops everything to describe what their main character looks like. Now, I understand that it's difficult to make it through an entire novel without giving any hint of what the character looks like, so I can understand mentioning what they're wearing (because they might be dressed inappropriately for their station or the place where we first see them), or even their facial features (as they could identify siblings). But this is just stupid. Granted, it's not quite "main character looks in a mirror as if she'd never seen herself before", but it's almost as ridiculous.

The guard admired Susan as she began her walk down the cement causeway. He noticed that her strong hazel eyes seemed distant today, but her cheeks had a flushed freshness, and her shoulder-length, auburn hair looked newly blown dry. Trailing her was the faint scent of Johnson's Baby Powder. His eyes fell the length of her slender torso - to her white blouse with the bra barely visible beneath, to her knee-length khaki skirt, and finally to her legs... Susan Fletcher's legs.

Hard to imagine they support a 170 IQ, he mused to himself.

At least mirrors don't do convenient intelligence tests.
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In honour of [ profile] thistle_chaser's recent posts of logs of terrible PokeMUSH guests, I've dug out one of the ones I saved. The tale of a guest who just wanted to be "Proffesor Oak". Little did he know of the terrible fate that awaited him, and all who play Professor Oak, in the form of the Orks...

(Warning: very long.) / [Guest] Guest1 blinks Uncontrollably. )


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