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Will be happy at Maelstrom if I get the alcohol I bought to sell to people all handed out and paid for,

Managed this at the end of the event - there were two bottles left over because Aquarion and Helen hadn't collected theirs, Helen gave me £10 and I took the two of them to various members of PD crew as a thank-you.

and get to LARP with cool people,

Yes, but not as much as I'd hoped. I usually walk a thin line at events between eating and drinking enough to keep me moving but not have to take too many toilet breaks or drop OOC to eat too often, and drinking or eating so little that I get dehydrated or run entirely out of energy.

This event was hot enough and still enough that I tripped over the line and landed metaphorically on my face, spending about 50% of the entire event's time-in time OOC in shade of some sort (or First Aid) trying to rehydrate or remember to eat. Potch needs brainpower for me to play it and with heat exhaustion, it just didn't work.

meet friends I don't see very often,

I did do this - got a chance to hang around OOC with people while I was waiting for the sun to go away, including some people I see very rarely IC for one reason or another.

and enjoy myself.

Well, when I managed to time in I had some quite interesting moments. Can't pick out any as especially awesome or enjoyable - and the niggling fear at the back of my mind of "am I actually playing the character right?" that comes up when I'm not properly immersed was more frequent, presumably because my stints in character were shorter. I also didn't have enough sleep reserves to not be tired when it was very late at night (I got most of my roleplaying done after sunset because by then the heat was tolerable).

However, I've got some ideas ready for next event, have some other things I need to write about and write to people about, and have calmed down from the Sunday somewhat.

My main impression is that I'd kind of like to redo the weekend for myself, being more sensible about drinking enough (I brought six bottles of water and six bottles of Lucozade with me; I only drank two of the water bottles). As it is, I managed to be present at half an event and coherent for about a quarter - I wouldn't say it was a bad event, but it's my least good one so far.


Aug. 31st, 2009 04:56 pm
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Friday: bike status as usual (occasionally the chain comes off and jams in fifth gear). Borrowed multi-tool from one of the sysadmins at work, who had helped me un-jam the chain earlier that week.

Saturday: set about adjusting chain in the evening. Bent one of the links, but that wasn't a problem as I took two links out. Got it back together somehow. Chain clacked alarmingly when pedals were turned. Made note to look at it again.

Sunday: left the bike alone.

Monday: realised that the clacking noise was from the chain passing under rather than over something near the pedals. Attempted to adjust chain again, this time working with the silver links (one of which has an empty bar rather than just two holes, for ease of adjustment). Swore a lot as the gears and pedals kept freewheeling. Managed to get chain partly back together, but with one of the silver links misaligned. Figured it'd be okay.

It wasn't. The silver link with two holes is now bent.

At this point, I have a perfectly serviceable chain (really, it's actually properly greased and oiled) that needs doing up again with some extra links, a bike that has no chain attached, and a whole lot of frustration. Also I need to clean the multi-tool I was using.

My plan for Tuesday is to throw money at this problem rather than more time, and take it to Station Cycles in the morning. I think I need to read up more on bike maintenance before I try this again myself.
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My iPod appears to object violently to being used on two computers with iTunes (home has my iTunes library, work just has iTunes so I can plug the thing in and charge it while playing), and iTunes at home has decided it cannot read my iPod, which if I can be bothered will require restoring the whole lo-

-oh, it's deleted them all anyway. Well, *lovely*. *sets it uploading files overnight*

On the plus side, I appear to be coming up with a playlist that makes me think of story ideas. Currently I only have Savatage - This Isn't What We Meant on it, but that's good enough (it's got at least one chunk of NaNo 2004's story in it, though unfortunately the story's not far enough through that I don't already think "ugh, scrap it and restart").
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This afternoon was fun. I went to the linear as usual - this week's theme was fae and demons, so fairly sensible.

Anyway, I was playing a monster being chased, who had some fun being slowly chased, and who wet caught fell down as expected...

...right onto a patch of nettles. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

I have stings all down the outside of my right hand from little finger to halfway down forearm, and two patches on my back where my clothes don't quite meet.

We continued for a little longer, but I was in enough pain after a while that I stopped playing the monster at an appropriate point and went to look for something to get rid of the pain.

One trip to the car park and a now-slightly-broken tube of antihistamine cream later, it was less painful and more tingly.

It's been like that all day now; typing is a little hard, as is leaning against a wall. Hopefully sleeping on it won't be impossible.

Exam fun

Jan. 16th, 2008 06:44 pm
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How this week was supposed to start:

Monday: revise lots.
Tuesday: exam in morning.
Wednesday: exam in morning.

How this week actually happened:

Monday: revise in morning at CL. Feel not great, go home. Spend afternoon and evening throwing up, and night in a bizarre maze of dreams involving some fiendishly complicated knot that was somehow related to my inability to sleep comfortably.

Tuesday: go to college nurse's office, confuse her greatly about why my tutor sent me there when I may be infectious, finally explain it's because I'm supposed to be incommunicado (by this point, the exam has started at the CL). Go to GP for anti-nausea tablets, which work wonderfully and are apparently also used to counteract hallucinations from mental illnesses.

Sleep for a few hours. Have visit from tutor and senior tutor's clerk in afternoon, decide to do exam at 4, attempt exam, get 45 mintues of 2 hours done before head and stomach ache too badly. Go home, eat, sleep.

Wednesday: much better. Manage breakfast. Go into college again as arranged on previous day, do second exam mid-morning, do slightly better though still have headache afterwards. Rejoice, go home, eat sushi to celebrate not being ill now.

Here's hoping that Thursday just brings the expected lectures, and not a recurrence of illness. This was possibly the most impressive and inconvenient time to have a stomach bug... :)


Jun. 13th, 2007 05:45 pm
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We have an EGM tonight. Our president asked me to print out the Constitution (which we're going to amend) and the suggested rewrites of two skill trees (which we're planning to rework over the summer).

JANET was down between 11 and 2, and chose 5:30 as the best time to have Cambridge-Chelmsford fall over again, leaving me with

1. no way to get to the TT website or wiki to access the pages I want to print;
2. no way to let people know on IRC;
3. no way to let people know by email, because Hermes is presumably inside the CUDN.

As [ profile] kingofwrong said, bollocks to "degrading gracefully".

In case people in the CUDN can see my LJ, I have printed out the AGM minutes and will bring them along; I'll try to get the constitution and the Wilderness and Subterfuge pages done at home, but may not manage it in time.

If anyone else who can see the pages can print them, please do - 3 to 6 copies of each of Constitution, new Wilderness suggestions and new Subterfuge suggestions is what we need.

[ profile] rjw76, very sorry about this - looks like JANET picked the wrong day to give up working. :(

EDITED, LATER: Crisis averted (though JANET still being silly), things printed, EGM held, takeaway eaten afterwards.

I'm writing up the AGM minutes and will send them to Rosie and Michael when I can.
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Laptop dies at inopportune time. )

But at least my laptop's still booting, and running Windows, and even most of the programs. (Anything that requires lots of virtual memory is out - I have bad clusters in my pagefile, of all places. Gah.) And I've managed to print out my notes for my NaNoWriMo entries, which is pretty much all of importance on here that I hadn't already backed up elsewhere. So, even if it does go splat, I'll survive. :)
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Dissertation's coming on reasonably well. Just passed 4400 words today, though I'm getting near to the end. At least I've got whole paragraphs about studies that I've only put in a sentence on so far, and I've still got another section, the introduction and conclusion to do - so I should manage to hit the 8,000-10,000 word criterion by the time I've actually finished it.

Still waiting for Katamari Damacy to arrive from the eBay seller, though it seems like I won't be playing it a lot - once the dissertation's done, I'm going to be going very light on my hands to give them some more time to heal.

And reading through random files on my computer has just given me a plan. From now on, if I ever feel angsty about life and so on, I shall write fiction rather than keeping a journal. Good lord, but my journal was full of self-indulgent angst.

The entry in question was written two years and a day ago (in a text file, not on LJ). I apologise to anyone I was spouting this angst to at the time, particularly one person who got the brunt of it... actually, let's be fair, it was just one person I was spouting angst at. Life's changed somewhat since then, for the better, and certain changes have made it much easier for me to talk rather than angst.

So, in general, I am a (mostly) happy bunny. My schedule's much more free this year, which could be a good or a bad thing - we Linguistics finalists are left very much to our own devices, and all we have to do is choose exam topics, read lots and lots on them, arrange supervisions and write essays. Next term I'll have... sixteen supervisions, I now realise. Just like last year. Whoops. (Only with more reading.) Maybe I ought to start panicking again, then.

On a happier note, the Gregorian - Masters of Chant albums are hilarious. (Though I maintain that you should not have soloists in Gregorian chant versions of pop songs. Oh, and Nothing Else Matters is probably the best of their tracks.)
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Well, it seems that replacing things can't solve all problems. My new CD/DVD drive happily reads and writes CDs, and will read things from burnt DVD-Rs, but won't play films. Which does sort of defeat the point of having a DVD drive.

Has anyone had similar problems with playing DVDs? It might be a problem with the DVD playing software, which could be confused after having been used with my original drive, but it also seems that Windows itself won't set the region of the drive properly.
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About two or three weeks ago, my CD/DVD drive suddenly decided that it no longer wanted to read CDs. No, this drive wanted to be free to pursue its own dreams, its dreams for being a drive solely for DVDs! No longer would it be fettered by the chains of having to burn to CD-Rs, or read ones that had been burnt already (though it did have a weak spot for audio CDs to start with, and was more reluctant to stop reading those than the data CDs I tried to persuade it with).

I argued with the drive for about a week, and it taunted me occasionally by loading CDs right after it had booted up, and then refusing to work for the rest of the time - a particularly impressive effort was when it deigned to read the Dell Diagnostics CD, but then wouldn't read any other CDs when I tried to actually carry out the drive diagnostics. Ah, my wonderfully stubborn Toshiba SD-R2102. It even started to consider giving up on DVDs as well, though it eventually settled for sounding like it was chewing them up and taking a minute or so to load them.

Eventually, after two weeks of tech support emails to someone whose grasp of English was not all that good, I got a new drive delivered. This morning, at about 11:30. Well, it's a lot better than the "some time between nine and five" that I was told when I got a phone call about the delivery. Dell don't have specs on their website for my new drive, but its slightly older brother is here - that one is the 4240N model, my drive is a 4241N.

The new drive at least reads CDs, which is a step up from the old one, and I'm about to try to burn a CD and see if it can handle that. It's also faster, can read more different formats, and is generally a fair bit better. The subject of this post is making me wonder, though, about what'll happen to my old drive. Will it end up on a pasture with other old laptop drives, sharing stories about what they always dreamed of doing ("I never wanted to be a combination drive! I was forced into it by my manufacturers, I always wanted to be a DVD drive and a DVD drive alone...") and muttering about their ungrateful laptop owners who never appreciated how much they did for them. Of course, they'll probably end up on a scrapheap somewhere, but the image of CD and DVD drives put out to pasture is quite a nice one, I think.

And speaking of drives, a friend is trying to persuade me to get the first drive listed on this page. The price may not be particularly surprising, but what suprised me is that the second drive on that page (the same as the first one, without an external case) is cheaper than this, my old drive, by about £20, and the first drive is only £40 more. I think I may end up considering this drive after all. Until then, however, I'm happy with my new drive.


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