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Read "If On A Winter's Night A Traveller" a few months ago - it started out really interesting and then hit several of my no-stop-wait-goddamn-casual-thoughtless-anti-feminist-bollocks buttons and I ended up swearing at it once I put it down.

(I had a rant about it, I'll put it up at some point, either here or on a newer "here is where I am putting all the feminism stuff" blog.)

Was planning to read it through again to see if I had just imagined the main character being male, or if it would read fine with them being female-and-interested-in-women.

Turns out I didn't imagine it, they're identified as male on page 32. :( Ah well, exercise in creative rereading squished.

(The pages before that were kind of weird when read with that in mind; most of them were fine, and then the gender stereotypes demonstrated in the text but not referring to the main character would collide with things that the main character was suggested as possibly doing, such as the job they worked at.)
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I'd been meaning to look at this for a while and have finally got round to it.

The Rule7 forums run on forum software that doesn't have any sort of ignore list for posts. (It has one for PMs, but that's all.) Being able to ignore a particular user's posts is something I find really useful for maintaining sanity while browsing a forum.

So here is a Greasemonkey script that I threw together today to do this for me. There's a line at the start of the script where you list the usernames you want to ignore, and on any thread that you load it'll replace the text of their posts with "(You are ignoring this user.)". If you're logged in and quote their post you can see what they wrote, and you can of course disable the script - it's just to avoid initial flares of anger rather than prevent one from reading it entirely.

I've tested this on Firefox 3.6.21 with the Greasemonkey extension; I know there's one property in it that doesn't work in IE before version 9 but should on earlier ones, and will try to get that working next.

If you try it and find any bugs, please find your browser's Javascript error console (this question gives a summary of how for several browsers) and let me know the error message you're getting.


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