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(Since I've spent my day playing computer games and reading articles on Homer, this post is going to be exclusively about the former.)

Excuse me while I grumble (quietly and elegantly) about the fact that I just managed to fail Tokimeki Memorial 3. Damn you, Hotaru Izumi, and your almost incomprehensible get conditions and ridiculously high standards. I should have known something was up when my character found no letter in his locker on the last day of school...

Ah well, at least I got to listen to the Bitter ending (as opposed to the Sweet one, which I've had every time before).

On further tries at this playthrough, I've discovered that it'll be impossible for me to meet the conditions - which will involve getting higher levels in school subjects than in any previous games, and all within two months. So it looks like I'll be leaving Hotaru for now and going for Serika instead. Ah, a nice restful game. All I have to do is sleep a lot and then... well, not totally fail my exams.

A lot easier than real life, it seems.
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First full draft of semantics dissertation done! Nearly. I have two paragraphs that I need an article for, and only two libraries in Cambridge have the journal it's in (and neither of them are near me). So on Monday I'll get the article from Experimental Psych and finish it. Until then, I'll use this weekend to write, sketch, and work on job applications and my Springboard workbook.

o/~ These are a few of my favourite games... o/~ )
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I sent my dissertation outline and title to my supervisor today, and can now make the same bad Buzz Lightyear pun about it. "To Berlin and Kay... and beyond!" (Not all that funny unless you've read Basic Colour Terms (1969) recently. I have sematicist tastes in reading matter at the moment.)

Aside from that I've not been doing much recently. I'm not going to be playing PS2 games as much for a while - I'm a little stuck on Suikoden III (eighteen or so Stars left to find), rather annoyed at TM3 (it's incredibly difficult to even walk home with the person I'm going for this time, let alone arrange a date with her), and need to do some more levelling on Disgaea before I can proceed with plot levels. So, once I get some sleep tonight, I'll be trying to do a bit more writing. And reading of the pile of library books that'll be due back in two and a bit weeks.

Lastly, a quiz. Blame [ profile] peppygrowlithe for this one, as he liked my pictures for him enough to encourage me to post in my journal. :)

1. Think of a word you would use to describe me.
2. Go to Google Image Search and search for that word.
3. Select the picture you see as most fitting, and post it as a reply. Explanations are mandatory.
4. Post this meme in your journal.

If you don't know how to post an image, you can use this format:

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This entry's mostly about video games. I was lucky enough to find not one, but two good games in my local "these cheap UK and import games didn't fall off the back of a lorry, honest guv" shop - Suikoden III, and the US version of Disgaea. Now I have to sell my UK version to someone, because I've only played it once and won't ever again.

Enough of Disgaea, though. I got Suikoden III last Friday and then spent about 45 hours on it in just a week. I'm up to 51 hours now, after substantial amounts of subquests, collecting lots of extra characters and getting all sorts of new businesses set up in my base. [ profile] theblunderbuss has mentioned that he likes Suikoden II more than III, and if it's as good as he says I'm going to have to look for it as soon as I can after I've finished this one. Despite occasional errors in the text (which any RPG will have - and four or five in fifty hours is not at all bad), and a combat system that's reasonable, but not the best, it's become probably my favourite RPG, or at least one of my favourites. So I'd like to see the game that can beat it.

(The best combat system is, of course, Grandia II. No question about it.)

Fun games to play while you're falling asleep... )

Also, dating sims in which you can suffer from a variety of weird illnesses. )

I'm also thinking of tidying up my NaNoWriMo entry from last year (giving it chapter titles, and so on), and posting it a chapter at a time on my LJ. Of course, since it's not finished, this may be a bad idea. I've got 50,000 words done, but I'm expecting to do another few ten thousand at least before it's done. It will be done in time for this November (otherwise I won't be able to concentrate on this year's NaNoWriMo, of course), but is it a good idea for me to post it while it's still a work in progress?
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Well, for a start, I did wake up at about 6am when all the people who'd been at the college May Ball started coming back to their rooms in order to get some sleep. A friend of mine who lives in the main part of college was also staying in my room for the night (college was locked at about 6pm to all but ball-goers, thus she wanted to get out so that she wasn't just trapped in her room once the piss-up - sorry, festivities - started).

I've also been working for one of the photographic companies again this year - instead of processing photos overnight, though, I've been sitting behind a table for three hours and handing people mounted photos, and hauling stuff around for half-hours here and there. Nothing too bad, just oddly energy-sapping.

In better news, my copy of Tokimeki Memorial 3 got here. For those who've not heard of it, the page here is just about the only English one I've been able to find.

Yes, it is a Japanese dating sim, and the third in a series of fairly well-known ones there [1]; no, I can't understand most of it; yes, it is actually simply a dating sim and features no nakedness whatsoever; and yes, I am a girl, and one who has had a fair amount of male friends make amused comments that they wouldn't have expected the girl of the group to be the one to buy a dating sim...

That's my monthly semi-colon abuse out of the way. Now to summon up the courage to actually play the game in the TV room on this part of the campus, where anyone can walk in and see me trying to make small-talk with a Japanese girl I can barely understand.

[1] Actually, it's the fourth - the previous one was called "Tokimeki Memorial - Girl's Side" and the player character was a girl trying to get a boyfriend. Having seen the character designs for the boys, though, I feel almost no inclination to play it.
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Today was probably the first day that properly felt like my end of year exams were over. My first three were last week, from Monday to Wednesday, each taking up three hours in the morning. One of the good things about morning exams is that I had to wake up reasonably early just to get to them (they're at 9am, which meant getting up at 6-7am in order to be fully awake), but there wasn't all that much time to sit around and worry about not having revised. Afternoon exams are 1:30-4:30pm, which led to me getting up early and then fretting about not knowing what to revise, and then finally giving up.

The exams themselves didn't go too badly, and it's rather a change from my maths exams - in the last two years, I've found myself running out of things to write down about halfway through the exam, because I can't think of ways to answer any other questions. This year I managed the required three essays on all of my papers except the third, which contained a rather difficult data set question that I know I didn't complete fully. All the other questions went okay, I reckon, but I have no idea how I did. The marking system isn't particularly clear, and seems to have been designed to be as vague as the examiners can possibly make it. Hopefully I'll manage a 2:1, but my grade could be anywhere from a low 1st to a high 2:2...

Thank goodness they're over now, though, and I can clear up the mess of linguistics notes left all over my room. To add to the chaos, I spent the money I got for that essay on a Playstation 2 that a friend was trying to sell. Now I'm £120 poorer, and have a new console (with installed mod chip - at least one of my favourite games isn't even available here, so I'd like to be able to play it) sitting on my bed. The next challenge is to find a TV or something to plug it into, because at the moment I haven't got anything I can play it on... or, for that matter, anything to play on it.

Oh, except Disgaea should be arriving in the next day or so. Thank you, Koei, for releasing it in the UK.

And also, curses and blessings to Buy Rite Games for having Tokimeki Memorial 3 in stock, so that I've now ordered that too - and the express UK shipping costs as much ($29.99) as the game itself does. Still, at about £32 for the game and shipping, that's still about the same price as a new game over here

Now for something completely different - a quiz result.

bouteillebleu is a radioactive squirrel!!



I am indeed a radioactive squirrel. I love that result. :D
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I've discovered the problem with having played dating sims. I was chatting to a friend on MSN tonight, who was asking for relationship advice... and I discovered that what I was advising was much like the approach I was taking to Tokimeki Memorial 3.

"Right, so you have to ask for a date every month. Make sure you talk to them at school, and try to dress sensibly and not say things that would mortally offend them."

...I feel so wrong.

(On the other hand, real life has no shopping channel with Johnny and Bob trying to sell you a snazzy reversible cape or a pair of platform shoes to wear on dates.)


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