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Read "If On A Winter's Night A Traveller" a few months ago - it started out really interesting and then hit several of my no-stop-wait-goddamn-casual-thoughtless-anti-feminist-bollocks buttons and I ended up swearing at it once I put it down.

(I had a rant about it, I'll put it up at some point, either here or on a newer "here is where I am putting all the feminism stuff" blog.)

Was planning to read it through again to see if I had just imagined the main character being male, or if it would read fine with them being female-and-interested-in-women.

Turns out I didn't imagine it, they're identified as male on page 32. :( Ah well, exercise in creative rereading squished.

(The pages before that were kind of weird when read with that in mind; most of them were fine, and then the gender stereotypes demonstrated in the text but not referring to the main character would collide with things that the main character was suggested as possibly doing, such as the job they worked at.)
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Hello, Jon Henley!

You wrote an article in the G2 today about the leader of a nation currently dealing with the (as far as I can tell) worldwide debt crisis, with some interesting stuff about that leader's political history. But there was something that nearly stopped me reading it at the start.

Why the hell did you see it necessary to describe the leader in question as "pale" and "irredeemably frumpy"? Did that have anything to do with discussion of their policies or political history, at all?

Do you comment on, for example, the US president's appearance when you write something about him? Other than if it's relevant to the article, no, of course you don't.

Or did you just do it to Merkel because she's a woman, and women's appearances are public property?


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