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Wow. Apparently Semagic does birthday reminders.

Happy birthday, [ profile] peppygrowlithe. Have a cake. ^_^

Growlithe cake: Image hosted by

And some birthday icons, which sadly aren't quite as customised. Well, except the last one. )

Like I said, I spend longer making icons than I do writing essays. And now, to start packing (I go home on Thursday) and continue to sort out the bomb-site-like mess that is my room.
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In honour of [ profile] thistle_chaser's recent posts of logs of terrible PokeMUSH guests, I've dug out one of the ones I saved. The tale of a guest who just wanted to be "Proffesor Oak". Little did he know of the terrible fate that awaited him, and all who play Professor Oak, in the form of the Orks...

(Warning: very long.) / [Guest] Guest1 blinks Uncontrollably. )
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I had part of a post written before I RPed with [ profile] peppygrowlithe this evening, but finishing the scene has made me want to scrap it and start again. To everyone on PokeMUSH who RPed with Aurora, Lisa or Kathryn - thank you. Especially thank you to [ profile] evilgrayson and [ profile] thistle_chaser for the Lavender Tower / Haunted House plot Grayson and Sly were involved in, and the scene where Grayson helped Kathryn to get revenge on Douglas and thus avenge her dead boyfriend. And thanks too to [ profile] aqouli, and that "Rainy Days" scene Navarone was involved in that helped to get Aurora and Peppy to admit to their relationship. Good luck, [ profile] aqouli and [ profile] streetwind, with Navarone and Streetwind's relationship.

Today's scene with Peppy was the last scene I will RP as Aurora. From now on, the two of them are probably going to have a fun life, leaving Assisi Farm and going to find a new home now that the puppies have left. They'll be living like pups themselves, making their own den, hunting for food and hiding from the weather.

But that's a new story, and one that they will live on their own, without the help of the people who played them. And [ profile] peppygrowlithe, I'd like to thank you for every scene we've had. RPing Peppy and Aurora's relationship has happened over the last two or more years, lasting me through much of the time I've been at university, and I've grown as a result of it. It'll be strange not having our weekly RP every Sunday, but as you've said, it's good that we gave them a proper send-off.

As for Lisa and Kath... Lisa won't be written about any more, I think. In a series of "character interviews" I've been writing, to help me to better understand characters of mine, it turned out that she's given up training pokemon, and has decided to apply to the PokeForce like her father did. Kathryn, on the other hand, will be written about one last time, when she'll find out what happened when she chose the path she did. She's likely to end up fairly familiar with PokeForce as well, but from the inside of a cell - all Rockets get caught or die at some point, some earlier than others, and Kathryn's just one of the early - and live - ones.

I've also got some writing to do that's been rather neglected (though I really ought to get my supervision essays done first, of course). Last year's Nanowrimo entry is still at about 41000 words, though I do have a slew of very nice character sprites and portraits from the link I posted yesterday. As soon as [ profile] theblunderbuss has got the Event system in his RPG engine working, I'm going to pounce and GBA-ify what I've done so far. By then I might even have got a bit further in the story, who knows? Hopefully the lure of library ninjas and creatures that eat plot will be enough to get me working on it again.
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Okay, this is an IC birthday on PokeMUSH - thank you, [ profile] aqouli, for reminding me of it - but here goes.

To Briska, Dakota, Dusk, Flame (and Karen, even though nobody wanted to play you),

Happy birthday!

Yes, Aurora and Peppy's pups are a year old today. It doesn't feel like a year, believe me. :)

(On slightly unrelated notes: Apparently Disgaea may never get a PAL release. Which is quite a pity... so many people will be deprived the chance to throw exploding dancing penguins that yell "Dooooood!" at their enemies.)
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If I can rarely be bothered to RP, never go and look for it myself on the MUSH, and have let two of my characters fall idle (they're logged in, but I do nothing with them) over the last six months... it time for me to leave?

I've wondered that several times over the last few months, and each time I've decided against it, because I have someone - [ profile] peppygrowlithe - who I RP with regularly. Not only that, but his character and mine are mated, with puppies, and... you get the picture.

I like the people I've met at PokeMUSH, and I like the RP I've had so far. But I can't think of where to go with Lisa and Kathryn, if anywhere, and even keeping up with Aurora slips my mind sometimes - I usually RP with Peppy at one time, one day of the week, but even so I sometimes don't remember it until half an hour after the time I'm supposed to have turned up. When I get into the scene, I forget the effort it sometimes takes to remind myself to RP that day, but should I have to force myself?

I suppose it just feels odd to think this sort of stuff, and then read Peppy's latest post, about how he's obsessed with the MUSH. I remember that feeling, but I haven't had it for a while... it's been almost a year since I've felt like seeking out RP of my own accord. Odd, that.

Well, musings aside, I'm currently playing Chrono Trigger for the first time. It's a lot of fun - the time travel is very interesting, it's fun to see the bits that Square seem to put into every game (Masa and Mune, Biggs/Vicks and Wedge), and the tech system is quite cool. It feels a bit odd to have a female healer/spellcaster in my party (Marle), since the last RPG I played was FF7... but enough reminiscing about Aeris. Chrono Trigger is a seriously cool game, and I'm looking forward to getting to the end, grabbing a guide and then going to find out what I missed out on the first time. :)


Jun. 26th, 2003 12:26 am
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I know most MUSH people I know read their LiveJournals, so...

Is the MUSH down, or is it just me that can't connect? My connection died mid-scene with Peppy and Briska, so...


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