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My iPod appears to object violently to being used on two computers with iTunes (home has my iTunes library, work just has iTunes so I can plug the thing in and charge it while playing), and iTunes at home has decided it cannot read my iPod, which if I can be bothered will require restoring the whole lo-

-oh, it's deleted them all anyway. Well, *lovely*. *sets it uploading files overnight*

On the plus side, I appear to be coming up with a playlist that makes me think of story ideas. Currently I only have Savatage - This Isn't What We Meant on it, but that's good enough (it's got at least one chunk of NaNo 2004's story in it, though unfortunately the story's not far enough through that I don't already think "ugh, scrap it and restart").
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Thoughts on writing (NaNo 2004). )

In other news, a second attempt at Gardens of the Moon makes me want to read more of it - I actually read a part that made me laugh out loud and reread the line that had caught my attention. There's something very fun about having a god suddenly realise that he's been tricked, and as the (human) trickster makes his escape yelling, "You! You bastard!" at his back. As well as that, the characters have become somewhat more interesting now I've read more.

Once I've done these essays I still have left to do, I'll finish reading it. Honest...
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I'm not sure that I'll manage to get to 50000 words this year. As with last year, RSI has hit, and I'm taking a few days off typing (well, except for what's necessary for emails and keeping in contact with people.

I'll try my best to write stuff longhand and get it typed up on the last two days of November, though. :)
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This chapter's long, about 8000 words or so. It just wouldn't end, and I'm not quite sure how I managed to get Kurt, Lillian and Alex to stop talking for long enough for me to put a chapter break in there. They do like to talk. And argue.

NaNoWriMo 2004, Chapter 2. )
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I tried to think of a vaguely appropriate chapter title, but couldn't come up with one that might not work better for later chapters. So I'll be posting without chapter names for now. Livejournal also won't let me go back and edit these long posts, probably because they are so very long.

NaNoWriMo 2004, Chapter 1. )
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I really ought to learn from experience and not stay up until 1am when I have a 9am lecture the next day.

Well, I've somehow managed to finish the prologue of this year's NaNo, and so I'm putting it up here. (Where 'prologue' means 'roughly 6000 words in which I throw far too many characters and too many scene changes at the reader'.) For anyone who read After Forever - which I will continue updating, honest - it's set in the same world, roughly fifty years previously.

NaNoWriMo 2004, Prologue. )


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