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NaNoWriMo 2004 has started.

I'm still doing my entry from 2003.

But I have finished chapter 11, which is now up on my NaNoWriMo site after a small mishap involving confusing two characters' names, and I'll have it up here as soon as I catch up with posting these chapters.

Without further ado, then, here's the Great Fair's centrepiece - the auction.

Chapter V, 'How To Leave Anford Without Your Wallet Empty'. )
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Firefox crashed on me for the first time today. I think it got overwhelmed by the number of extensions I installed, and had to go and lie down with a damp towel on its forehead for a few minutes while I let Mozilla know what had happened. I found out it keeps a crash counter.

Today I'm planning to go over my Korean vocabulary, because it's very embarrassing to be asked by the teacher to come up with an answer to a question and have to admit that you don't know the word for "you". But other than that, not much to report. I have a few ideas for this November's novel, though I'm not going to think too much about it. I like the feeling of making parts up just in time for the next chapter. And in the vein of NaNoWriMo, back to Livia and Daniel as they get to Anford.

Chapter 4, 'The Great Fair'. )
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Today was a typical day in Cambridge - it rained, but not enough to be particularly impressive. This was a persistent kind of rain, the sort you can walk in for a few minutes without getting too soaked, but after ten minutes starts to seep into your skin.

Then again, it always rains here in Michelmas Term.

While shopping in the rain, I went to Boots and discovered something about prescriptions. They expire after 6 months. I'm not all that surprised that the one I tried to get was turned down (it's almost two years old), but I looked on the NHS Direct website before I went out and found no mention of how long prescriptions were valid for, at all. So, in case anyone in the UK ever wants to know - NHS prescriptions are, according to the pharmacist I talked to, valid for 6 months.

And now onto chapter 3 of the story, which includes ninjas. Library ninjas.

Chapter 3, 'People in Black (Who They Are and Where They Come From)'. )
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Not quite sure what to put here as a preamble. I'm posting this before I go to restart and see if Adobe Acrobat Reader will actually work for me rather than opening, then immediately quitting with an illegal operation. Could be that it takes exception to the security patches I installed and haven't restarted for yet.

And then I can attempt to get some ability to write in Korean. I get the feeling it'll take even more work than getting Japanese working, because Windows seems happy enough with two different languages (it runs in a Japanese locale), but I'm not sure if it'll be happy trying to do three at once.

Enough of the computer, and back to Daniel, Livia and some bad weather.

Chapter 2, 'Rain'. )
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Since NaNoWriMo 2004 is around the corner - they're taking registrations now - I wanted to do an icon related to my entry last year. I suggested this to [ profile] theblunderbuss, and he came up with an idea for the script. And here you have it - After Forever in four panels.

(There's also a copy of it on my NaNoWriMo page, which is on this site. Just in case I end up changing icons in the future and the above link dies.)

As well as that, I've decided it might be worth posting up the previous chapters of the story while I try to finish it off. I know I said "in a day or two" back in September, but I also thought I'd get 50,000 words written in September, and look what happened. :)

Still, here is chapter 1. Just to confuse any of you who may have read chapter 10, these are the characters who the story starts with - the ones in chapter 10 are introduced a while later.

Chapter 1, 'Laver and Sons'. )
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I had a minor panic this morning as I checked the college's bandwidth charts and discovered I'd apparently used 6 gigabytes of external traffic. Now, I could understand downloading 2 gigabytes (I'm usually downloading rather large video files, for the musicals I haven't got good versions of yet), but 4 gigabytes upload? I'm sure I'd remember that sort of traffic, but I had no idea what it could be.

Lots of panic followed, stopping downloads, checking what was running on my computer, trying to figure out what to say to our computing service to explain why it looked like I'd done twice the daily allowance, but I couldn't have...

...and then one of the people I was panicking at about this wondered if I'd misread the IP listed. And I checked. And I had. I was actually nestled in 14th place on the chart, with a total bandwidth use of under 400 MB for the day.

So, whoever you are who has an IP that's one digit off mine in one of the places, I wish you best of luck with the CS. And thanks for inadvertantly making me panic and wake up properly on a lazy weekend morning. Did me good. :)


And incidentally, FinNoWriMo has produced results... just not a finished story. Yet. I'm about halfway through the next scene, so I'll put that up here and on the website when it's done. Also, [ profile] aqouli, thanks for the note about the mistakes in the last chapter - I checked through it, and there were two or three that were quite embarrassingly obvious. I'll correct them the next time I upload.
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Best review ever for my latest chapter. (Well, one of only two reviews, but it's good all the same.)

* Fib reads BB's latest chapter
<Fib> but but but
<Fib> that just hints at what happened and zomg
<Bluebottle> :D

I've never got a 'zomg' before. I feel so proud. *wipes away a tear*

(Note: if you understand what he's going on about, you spend too much time on 4chan and related image boards. As do I.)

Current word count is 59673, which is behind schedule. Getting back on schedule is going to take a lot of days with nothing but writing. And hopefully more sleep at some point.

Relating to a comment [ profile] aqouli made, would anyone be interested if I posted the previous chapters here? Chapter 10 is an odd place to start, I know, and it's often not worth the fuss of heading over to another website to look at a story and see if it's any good. If anyone's interested and lets me know, I'll put Chapter 1 up in a day or so.
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Just got back from a a family trip to see one of my dad's schoolfriends. We went to lots and lots of churches: my dad is what we term a "church-crawler". Some people's fathers go and look at old trains, he looks at church architecture. Since I got to stay in the car while he did this, I've managed to keep up with writing.

If you'd like to read what I've done of my novel, 'After Forever', so far, it's available on this site. From now on, I'll be posting new scenes here once I've finished them, behind LJ-cuts (as they will be quite large).

I'll also try to summarise what's happened so far if people request it, though I'm having difficulties with summarising the idea behind the story at all. (How do you summarise something that is, in essence, about a huge library and people who are in some way connected to it?)

Chapter 10, 'Memories'. )
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Inspired by something a friend is doing, yesterday I started what I've termed FinNoWriMo.

Some of you will have heard of NaNoWriMo, in which the aim is to write 50,000 words of a novel in one month. I did it for the first time last year, and didn't make the deadline - I had about 30,000 words done by the end of November. It's now September, and I'm still at only just over 50,000. So, this month will be Finish Novel Writing Month.

My aim: to write 50,000 more words by September the 30th, or finish the story.

Current word count, before starting writing tonight, is 53,039 words. I'm aiming for 2,000 words a day, so I've got a little of a head start.

Oh, and for the two people who've read some of it, I should have this scene finished by the end of the weekend. For anyone else who might be interested, the only place any of it is currently available is in my NaNoWriMo profile from last year. I should have a site put together for the rest of it by Sunday.


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