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More gym today, as I've somehow managed a day of (a) getting into work reasonably promptly, (b) working fairly steadily, (c) eating okay at lunch (broccoli, potatoes and a banana), (d) not snacking and (e) going to the gym.

The run of luck is broken because my hands are complaining at the steady typing, so I'm heading home soon.

Squats: 1 set 6 at 20kg, 3 sets 6 at 25kg
Deadlifts: 1 set 6 at 20kg, 3 sets 6 at 25kg
Bench press: 3 sets 6 at 30kg, 1 set 4 at 30kg (as before, was the last in the gym at this point, and didn't want to break anything)
Single arm row: Did 1 set 10 with left arm, didn't finish a set with the right arm because it is still clicking (two clicks each time) - am going to check ExRx for technique and then see if our wellness team at work are the right people for physio or similar. Bit worried about the noise.


Feb. 27th, 2010 02:00 pm
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If I'm quiet on the internet this weekend, it's because my hands are playing up (cannot use right hand for much today) and the rest of my time I'll be tidying.
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Thanks to Amazon and Royal Mail, I now have my own Powerball. It's basically a gyroscope in a plastic ball that you set going and try to keep spinning by wrist motion.

After several failed attempts, and a look at their user guide, I seem to have got it going all right. Quite fun, though need to keep the speed slow as otherwise my grip starts failing.

However, their promo video has made me wonder if it was the inspiration for the Powerthirst videos...


Oct. 9th, 2009 09:20 am
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Right hand currently tingling from palm to fingers on thumb and first two fingers. (I'm typing this left-handed only.) Straightening arm makes tingling more intense. Also odd slight pulling sensation at middle base of palm.

Thought I slept badly on it, but after being up for an hour and a half, and running it under both hot and cold water with no effect, I'm stuck. Possibly doctor a good idea, but it's not really an emergency.

EDIT: Phoned, have appointment with my usual GP for 4pm today. Odds on symptoms entirely subsiding by the time I ahve the appointment are high (this is the reason I haven't done much about it before; if I can't accurately report symptoms, because I'm not currently having them, it seems pointless).


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