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I like writing random stuff in Potch's background. There's not much of it, but what there was was spent learning alchemy from an avian, and occasionally little snippits present themselves. :)

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Spinemeet on Sunday was good - I'd forgotten how much fun it is to get together with the other people in the group and just chat, either about things in general or about Maelstrom. (Hazard of going to player events on my own.) Looking forward to event 1.

Got more sleep over the weekend, so am feeling better about work and have clearer ideas about what I'm doing.

Sonata Arctica gig on Friday was good as well. Musician's earplugs continue to hold up well (they're these ones - cheap, reusable, and even work with my ears that can't cope with in-ear headphones, so I'd recommend them to anyone looking for something better than disposible ones).

I, er, spent most of the opening acts reading a book I'd started on the train into London, as the O2 Academy Islington has sofas on its mezzanine level and they were quite comfortable. Found a spot half-behind one of the ceiling pipes that gave me a view of the stage when Sonata started playing, which had the bonus feature that I couldn't see the strobe light directly. Then listened and sang along to my heart's content - the music is singable and the band make their concerts fun.

Set list was as follows:

Sonata Arctica set list, 25/3/11, O2 Islington )
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Maelstrom again. I wrote an IC sestina back in early October, did some edits based on [ profile] oxfordgirl's feedback, and rewrote the final stanza again as it still wasn't clear. I think it's now more tightly written and holds together better, so am happy to show it to people.

This one might actually make it into uptime at some point, unlike another recent IC poem, so I'm happy to put it on a more public filter. Still, contains some in-character information and opinions about various heresies and their refutations, and is thus under a cut. :)

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Ballgowning symptom #3: poetry.

By which I mean I wrote an IC villanelle. Filter very restricted; this hasn't gone to the intended recipient yet. Don't know how on earth I will be getting it there, but hey...

(Edited slightly following discussion in the comments.)

ETA, post Maelstrom event 1 2011: Intended recipient has (a) retired and (b) been sent the poem IC, so here it is for people in general. This may make it IC at some point, but at the moment I'm happy for people to see it OOC.

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Will be happy at Maelstrom if I get the alcohol I bought to sell to people all handed out and paid for,

Managed this at the end of the event - there were two bottles left over because Aquarion and Helen hadn't collected theirs, Helen gave me £10 and I took the two of them to various members of PD crew as a thank-you.

and get to LARP with cool people,

Yes, but not as much as I'd hoped. I usually walk a thin line at events between eating and drinking enough to keep me moving but not have to take too many toilet breaks or drop OOC to eat too often, and drinking or eating so little that I get dehydrated or run entirely out of energy.

This event was hot enough and still enough that I tripped over the line and landed metaphorically on my face, spending about 50% of the entire event's time-in time OOC in shade of some sort (or First Aid) trying to rehydrate or remember to eat. Potch needs brainpower for me to play it and with heat exhaustion, it just didn't work.

meet friends I don't see very often,

I did do this - got a chance to hang around OOC with people while I was waiting for the sun to go away, including some people I see very rarely IC for one reason or another.

and enjoy myself.

Well, when I managed to time in I had some quite interesting moments. Can't pick out any as especially awesome or enjoyable - and the niggling fear at the back of my mind of "am I actually playing the character right?" that comes up when I'm not properly immersed was more frequent, presumably because my stints in character were shorter. I also didn't have enough sleep reserves to not be tired when it was very late at night (I got most of my roleplaying done after sunset because by then the heat was tolerable).

However, I've got some ideas ready for next event, have some other things I need to write about and write to people about, and have calmed down from the Sunday somewhat.

My main impression is that I'd kind of like to redo the weekend for myself, being more sensible about drinking enough (I brought six bottles of water and six bottles of Lucozade with me; I only drank two of the water bottles). As it is, I managed to be present at half an event and coherent for about a quarter - I wouldn't say it was a bad event, but it's my least good one so far.
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I swear I read that as "wilde and sausage people" the first time. From a chapter title in The Arte of English Poesie, which I haven't read yet but now want to. :)

Anyway, this week seems to be one of those times I'm productive at everything except actual work. So here is a somewhat irreverent Maelstrom-themed sonnet. I think this counts as Spenserian (abab bcbc cdcd ee) although I've cheated with the c rhymes somewhat.

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Aug. 27th, 2009 04:15 pm
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Filk below the cut. Just as with the song it's filking, the title character bears no resemblance to [ profile] oxfordgirl's character beyond having a very Fidelian name. Written out because it started earworming me on the cycle back from lunch today. (Also crossposted to [ profile] lrpdrabbles.)

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It was late, [ profile] oxfordgirl had had a fic idea earlier in the day, and bits of ideas were floating around in my head.

No facets or Fidelians were harmed in the writing of this fic.

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Two days after end of event 2. Still tired. Still bouncy and energetic and getting motivation to work from aftereffects of event.

Froth not containable here in publically available form. See Rule 7 post for thoughts. Need my hands to hold out for the next couple of months and my brain to work well. :)
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Right. Google Apps. The overview page for the Google Apps service implies that it's good for hosting web apps written in Python (and now also ones written in Java). I have two projects that I would like to have hosted somewhere - one is the refbot (extracting CUTT downtimes from emails and putting onto the refwiki), the other is the Spinebot (incrementally-developed version of the PD downtime system, attempting improvements on a few aspects such as downtime submission).

refbot refbot )

Spinebot (incidentally, the name comes from my Maelstrom group, the Spine of the World) )
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Two bottles of Lucozade have enough caffeine to make my hands hurt, and keep me up way too late. Thus, instead of sleep, you get my notes for an essay about metaphysical reasons for a game system to have a single language (as opposed to the OOC reason of "it is far, far easier to physrep").

Notes. Should be relatively free of FOIP, unless 'Bluebottle was a linguist once upon a time' is FOIP. )

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Apr. 3rd, 2008 07:53 pm
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Maelstrom. )

Then I predictably caught a sore throat near the end of the event, which blossomed into a cold that I'm just about recovering from now.

Also, last Wednesday I went with Bryony to see Nightwish at the Astoria.

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