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Lifting: Stalled a bit due to costochondritis flareup (signs of this: my sternum hurts when pressed and for a little while after, also I randomly can't breathe well or am dizzy due to breathing shallowly due to rib-muscle pain - before anyone worries, I got an emergency GP appointment, my heart is fine, the problem seems to be musculoskeletal and I've had this before).

Trying to take painkillers more regularly at least for this week to see if that manages it; over the last two weeks I've only taken them when in actual difficulty, which isn't regularly enough. If there's no luck there, back to the GP.

As for assisted pullups with resistance bands, the last time I was trying I could do one at a time with one black band (60-150lbs support) but could do that several times if I rested between them. Will pick that up again this week even if I don't get back on with the whole workout.

The resistance there means that at the top it gives 60lbs of support, and at the bottom 150lbs, which is about 40lbs less than my bodyweight and roughly matches what I could manage with lat pulldowns. Going to the green band (50-120lbs) is much trickier because that needs me to be able to lift 70lbs at the bottom, which I can't just yet.

in a DRESS: In a turn of events that surprised me, I have reached this. The size 16 ballgowns will all go on! Yay! Even the slinky velvet one with the lightning print. Now to get back to pullups so I can do them without needing the bands, because those bands really do not cooperate with dresses.
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Lifting: I am doing assisted pullups using resistance bands. The ones I am currently managing with are one green (50-120lbs resistance) and one black (60-150lbs) at the same time.

The resistance varies with the stretch of the band, which means that at full stretch they can more than support my weight (currently ~220lbs) and at the top of the motion they're supporting somewhat more than half my bodyweight because they don't go slack. So goodness knows *how* much resistance that is.

in a DRESS: The dresses are somewhere in size 14/16/18. I forget which, as they are at home and I'm not. I am currently just below Evans' size 22.

'Course, by the time I get there I might have fiendish lats that prevent me from zipping up the back of the dress. I can but dream. :)
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Yesterday I combined two of my goals for the next year.

I have decided I want to be able to do pull-ups in one of the ballgowns[1] I haven't worn since I was 20.

Pull-up plan waiting on me starting rehab exercises for my shoulder[2], fitting into ballgown plan progressing. Oh yeah. :)

[1] yeah yeah, "one of", one of them was expensive from Debenhams (and white - never wear white dresses to formal dinners, everyone thinks their wedding dress comment is hilarious) and the other two I got in charity shops for a lot less.

[2] Initial diagnosis was rotator cuff impingement. It hasn't been getting much better, because my shoulder joint shifts on its own, as I demonstrated audibly to the physio today. "Shoulder instability" has been added to the diagnosis as a result, and when I get back from holiday I get a session in the gym to demonstrate rehab exercises to make my shoulder not click all over the place like it has for years. :)


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