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Last of my CUTT fic, I suspect, given that we have a new system to come at the start of next academic year.

This is Natasha's last moments at last week's linear. Very much enjoyed the linear overall, especially the end. Thanks to all involved. :)

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I like writing random stuff in Potch's background. There's not much of it, but what there was was spent learning alchemy from an avian, and occasionally little snippits present themselves. :)

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A bit more fic. Does not contain facetcat. Does contain some spoilers for mechanics of certain racial abilities in Maelstrom, but having said that so do all the previous things featuring facetcat...

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Something of a flashback today. I found a bit of fiction I'd written a few months ago based on an event that happened to my first LARP character in her first term - some of you may recognise this from me accidentally copy-pasting it to IRC. Still, four years later or so it's probably fairly safe to post. :)

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Two bits of fiction here, both for my CUTT character Natasha. Done using three-word prompts, crossposted to [ profile] lrpdrabbles here. The first is fairly short, and entirely backstory; the second is partly backstory, partly the most recent CUTT interactive, and a lot of italics. :)

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I went right from the last scene to a very serious scene. Apparently the prospect of lots of theology proved too much for my brain, and so I went back and wrote this to happen before it.

There may be copious italics in here. Facetcat appears to be in italics, not sure why.

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Soul fic

Apr. 17th, 2010 01:17 am
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Some old snippets from a prompt on [ profile] lrpdrabbles a while back - what does your character's soul look like?

I haven't done this for Potch because it's actually had this done in-game at Maelstrom, and it's more amusing to ask for in character (and also even less comprehensible than the ones below).

So, instead, have some for my CUTT characters.


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Sophie )

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Natasha )
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Short vignette I wrote as a "what happens next" for a CUTT character I recently retired (Sophie). Mild swearing.

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There's still more to come. Part 2 was a little slower than I'd like (both in how long it took to write, and in how fast it moves). On the plus side, kittyfacet!

Facets and Facetiousness, part 2 )
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Would post this in its entirety but I don't have much free time to write at the moment (my hours awake are almost all spent at work, travelling to or from work, at the gym, or at LARP or tabletop; the times I write are times when I should be asleep).

So, [ profile] newvani posted some awesome stuff he drew over Christmas, among which was a picture of Potch that he'd shown me at the Marshalls' player event in January. It is very shiny and based on a Gaia avatar in this post.

I then threatened some AU fic involving Potch being flouncy and angsty and wearing ballgowns. Here is part 1, featuring fans, Flembics and facets.

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Inspired by a recent fic prompt on [ profile] lrpdrabbles about characters haunting or being haunted around Hallowe'en time. I couldn't think of any of my existing characters who'd have friends haunt them (well, not friends that I could write reliably), so this one is about the mother of my first LARP character.

(EDIT: Now also posted to [ profile] lrpdrabbles.)

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Aug. 27th, 2009 04:15 pm
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Filk below the cut. Just as with the song it's filking, the title character bears no resemblance to [ profile] oxfordgirl's character beyond having a very Fidelian name. Written out because it started earworming me on the cycle back from lunch today. (Also crossposted to [ profile] lrpdrabbles.)

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It was late, [ profile] oxfordgirl had had a fic idea earlier in the day, and bits of ideas were floating around in my head.

No facets or Fidelians were harmed in the writing of this fic.

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