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Well, since exams are over, it's now May Ball season in Cambridge (despite all the May Balls actually being held in June... it's a local peculiarity). It's also karate grading time, and I managed to pass this term's grading - so I'm now a yellow belt (7th kyu). I'm on the way to not being totally rubbish.

We had a karate club photo last Friday, and I recognised the man doing the photos - there are two or three large photography companies in Cambridge that do all the college and sports photos, and this man was the person who did my college's boat club photos. Thus, he recognised me, and we got chatting. I told him that I wasn't going to be at a ball this year, and so he asked me and my boyfriend if we'd be able to work that evening for the photography company.

So we had a fun night last night - over to the photograph shop in the town centre at 11:30pm, where we were shown how to label and bag photos, and chop up negatives, and then a taxi ride four miles out of town to the industrial estate where we'd be working. Then we spent from 1am until 9am labelling and bagging up formal photos for two balls (Jesus and Trinity - I'm at Trinity, thus it was fairly fun to see who I recognised), with a break in the middle when the photographers had all left to take survivors' photos for the balls (a large picture of everyone who's left at the end of the ball), and we had no more film to process.

We hitched a lift back into Cambridge in someone's car boot, got our bikes back, cycled home and fell asleep for a couple of hours. I think my body now thinks it's morning... Still, all that's left this term is a garden party tomorrow, and results out tomorrow or Thursday. Plus, it wasn't too badly paid at £8 an hour. Perhaps we'll do it again next year....
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Had my karate grading today. Am now 8th kyu (which means I get to wear a red belt).

Had my twentieth birthday today. (Technically yesterday, 15th March, but I haven't gone to bed yet so it's still my birthday...) Don't feel any different at all. (Apart from a lot more shoulder, back and leg aches from karate, obviously...)

Sleeping times still screwed up. This will come in handy when RPing with Peppy and Briska tomorrow. Thus, I think attempting to stay up all night and all day tomorrow to reset my body clock is a bad idea.

This evening, a group of friends and I attempted to go to Pizza Hut for a party/social event... only to discover that both Pizza Huts in town were, effectively, broken. (The first one we tried had only one working oven, and the other one's food lift had broken down.) After a lot of walking around and trying to elect other people to decide what to do, we ended up going to the supermarket for pizza and then descending on the room of someone with an oven nearby.

There then followed a night of Xbox-ing (which James had stashed in his backpack before we went out), which included a rather bizarre conversation on the merits of Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball as a computer game. Is it a good game, is it a bad game with pretty girls in, is it just a bad game anyway? (I was of the second opinion - well, they are pretty girls after all, and girls are naturally prettier than boys so they're nicer to look at. Simple, really... though one of those swimming costumes freaks me out.) Yep, Xbox and pizza. Who could ask for more?
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Had my first karate session for about a month and a half this evening - see, I went along for most of last term, but trying to do that and rowing got the better of me, and I gave up on karate for the last week. (That, and I couldn't find my KUGB license, which I need to hand in to be able to grade, that is, get my next belt.)

So. Today I discovered that I'm less flexible than I was last term, and that I seem to have forgotten how to do front stance properly... it doesn't help that I'm doing the orange belt syllabus for the second time now, and thus I feel that I have something to prove - after all, I've trained for about six weeks longer than most of the other orange belts. Shouldn't I be better? Perhaps I expect too much of myself... although I did learn something last term, which was the difference between "yokogeri keage" (side snap kick) and "yokogeri kekomi" (side thrust kick). It's all about the knees.

Enough of my rambling about karate, and onto the issue of the day. Anime! Hikaru no Go 62 was released overnight, and it was a good episode, too... the opening is still very silly, and the next episode preview was good. Goodgoodgood. I'm very much looking forward to the next ep. (Akira and Hikaru actually meet once more... which hasn't happened for a long time.)

Also a current issue is Laserquest. Now, some people may know this by the name "Quasar", or "Laser Tag", and I have a whole introductory paragraph that I just added to an email about it, which I won't repeat here. Suffice to say, it involves walking around a big darkened room, shooting at other people with lasers and trying not to get shot yourself. And I'm on the newly-formed committee for the newly-formed Cambridge University Laserquest society. (Or CULLS as it has been named - there's still a debate over what the other L stands for.) I ended up as secretary, which means writing emails to entice people to come along to the Sunday sessions - two hours, for only £8. It's a bargain! And my sales pitch is done.

So. I'm tired - have stayed up too long writing this Laserquest email - and have to be up for a tutor meeting at 9:15, and a DoS meeting at 10:30. Fun...

But hey. I'm listening to Fantasy again, which always cheers me up. So I'm tired, but bouncy. ^_^


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