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Since I've been free this last week, I've been going through Playstation 2 games. Thus, here's what I've been playing this week, with reviews of them under the cuts.

Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy )

Pop'n Music 8-10 )

.hack Infection )

Summary of games I'm thinking of playing. )
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Whee. Suikoden II has a random name generator for those of us who can't think of what to call our hero. (It's a little irritating that there isn't a default name for him, but understandable.)

Unfortunately, the game's prone (as all Japanese games are) to bizarre translations, like "I haven't sharped for very long time" from a blacksmith, and "Don't waist you money okay?" from the owner of an item shop.

Thoughts after six hours of play:

Jowy is hilariously naive. Nanami is just hilarious. (Poor, poor <Hero> - I named him Robin - she just beats him up because she loves him. It's nice to see a main character with siblings for once, too. ^_^) And <Hero> and Nanami's Unite attack is excellent. I've been doing it just for the comedy value.

It's also a lot of fun spotting characters who turn up - a lot older, of course - in Suikoden III. I think I've met two so far, and I'm fairly sure there are more.
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First full draft of semantics dissertation done! Nearly. I have two paragraphs that I need an article for, and only two libraries in Cambridge have the journal it's in (and neither of them are near me). So on Monday I'll get the article from Experimental Psych and finish it. Until then, I'll use this weekend to write, sketch, and work on job applications and my Springboard workbook.

o/~ These are a few of my favourite games... o/~ )
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Term's almost over, and I've managed to get my dissertation outline done. Now all that I have to do is to raid libraries for books for it, and try to make sure I also have enough space on my library cards to get my requisite fix of other random books. (This holiday I'm going to try to find 'Intellectual Impostures' somewhere, as I feel like pointing and laughing at postmodernists again - they do often let themselves in for it, after all.)

Also on the list will be some gaming - at least, what gaming my hands can cope with. Katamari Damacy isn't too hard on the hands, as it only requires the analogue sticks, and more Disgaea along with other occasional RPGs shouldn't be too taxing.

And I managed to finish the game I was playing for most of this term, too. Spoiler-ridden waffling about Fate/Stay Night. Includes the True Names for many of the characters. )
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I sent my dissertation outline and title to my supervisor today, and can now make the same bad Buzz Lightyear pun about it. "To Berlin and Kay... and beyond!" (Not all that funny unless you've read Basic Colour Terms (1969) recently. I have sematicist tastes in reading matter at the moment.)

Aside from that I've not been doing much recently. I'm not going to be playing PS2 games as much for a while - I'm a little stuck on Suikoden III (eighteen or so Stars left to find), rather annoyed at TM3 (it's incredibly difficult to even walk home with the person I'm going for this time, let alone arrange a date with her), and need to do some more levelling on Disgaea before I can proceed with plot levels. So, once I get some sleep tonight, I'll be trying to do a bit more writing. And reading of the pile of library books that'll be due back in two and a bit weeks.

Lastly, a quiz. Blame [ profile] peppygrowlithe for this one, as he liked my pictures for him enough to encourage me to post in my journal. :)

1. Think of a word you would use to describe me.
2. Go to Google Image Search and search for that word.
3. Select the picture you see as most fitting, and post it as a reply. Explanations are mandatory.
4. Post this meme in your journal.

If you don't know how to post an image, you can use this format:

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I spent this morning hunting for plot holes in last year's Nanowrimo entry, and then some time trying to figure out whether I'd managed to get all the dates right that I'd mentioned in it. I'm surprised it's actually coherent, to be honest, given that I wrote 30,000 words in a month.

I also think that once I get chapter titles for the chapters (which are currently just listed as "scenes" and separated by horizontal lines in my version), I'll start posting it up here. This is mainly so I can have somewhere to point the one reader I have currently if he wants to read new chapters (the reason I have only one reader is probably because I've not put it online), and it'll be less effort to put up new chapters here than to set up my own website for it.

Thoughts after fifty hours of Suikoden III. Cut to avoid minor spoilers. )

Damn, and now my brother's taken the TV back so he can play more Pokemon Colosseum. Ah well, maybe I needed a break anyway.

And now, for the oddness that is the contents of my Livejournal RPG party. [ profile] thistle_chaser, in particular, worries me in this one.

Your LJ RPG Team
LJ Username
Favorite Color
Weapon of Choice
Your Partner the_mysterons
Your Warrior streetwind
The Giggly, Flirtatious Magic User with Big Breasts thistle_chaser
The Talking Animal carakle
Main Archenemy peppygrowlithe
Evil Incarnate evilgrayson
This QuickKwiz by ass_ - Taken 40211 Times.
New! Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

They got Evil Incarnate spot on, considering the username. I'm not sure why the Mysterons want to partner me in an RPG, though... perhaps this is yet another part of their sinister plan to conquer the earth.
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This entry's mostly about video games. I was lucky enough to find not one, but two good games in my local "these cheap UK and import games didn't fall off the back of a lorry, honest guv" shop - Suikoden III, and the US version of Disgaea. Now I have to sell my UK version to someone, because I've only played it once and won't ever again.

Enough of Disgaea, though. I got Suikoden III last Friday and then spent about 45 hours on it in just a week. I'm up to 51 hours now, after substantial amounts of subquests, collecting lots of extra characters and getting all sorts of new businesses set up in my base. [ profile] theblunderbuss has mentioned that he likes Suikoden II more than III, and if it's as good as he says I'm going to have to look for it as soon as I can after I've finished this one. Despite occasional errors in the text (which any RPG will have - and four or five in fifty hours is not at all bad), and a combat system that's reasonable, but not the best, it's become probably my favourite RPG, or at least one of my favourites. So I'd like to see the game that can beat it.

(The best combat system is, of course, Grandia II. No question about it.)

Fun games to play while you're falling asleep... )

Also, dating sims in which you can suffer from a variety of weird illnesses. )

I'm also thinking of tidying up my NaNoWriMo entry from last year (giving it chapter titles, and so on), and posting it a chapter at a time on my LJ. Of course, since it's not finished, this may be a bad idea. I've got 50,000 words done, but I'm expecting to do another few ten thousand at least before it's done. It will be done in time for this November (otherwise I won't be able to concentrate on this year's NaNoWriMo, of course), but is it a good idea for me to post it while it's still a work in progress?
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I'm not entirely sure why, but for some reason the UK PAL release of Disgaea doesn't have any option for Japanese language. This is rather odd, as the US release had the option of either Japanese or English for certain plot scenes (though the voices in battle couldn't be changed), and I personally would've preferred a Japanese option... it's not as easy to tell if the Japanese actors are overacting, and if they do they tend to be not as bad as the US ones. Hearing characters talk in American accents gives almost as much of an air of "foreignness" as hearing them speak in Japanese, so it's not as if the English version would sound more natural. I think I'll just have to chalk it up to KOEI being rather odd when they brought it out over here.

Still, Laharl has a satisfyingly insane laugh, and the Prinnies are as "dood!"ish as ever. So it's not all that bad. Also, one of the initial Prinny Squad has a name that's only one letter off my own, so I'm going to try to raise her (him? it?) to as high a level as I can.

And hey, at least it was released over here. Could have been like Chrono Cross, never to be released in the UK because, well, the publishers wouldn't expect anyone to buy it.

Edited to add: It looks like the Japanese voices have been completely removed from the UK version, and unlike the US one it's on a CD - the Japanese voices may have been removed for it to fit.

Also, for a slightly more impassioned view of this, and one I'm tempted to agree with, see the post here by [ profile] theblunderbuss.
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Are parachutes safer than the alternative? The writers of this article think that it's about time someone did a placebo-controlled study... Now I'm just trying to imagine exactly what a placebo parachute would be. Presumably just one that wouldn't open on the way down?

The best section of the article is the Contributors section: "GCSS had the original idea. JPP tried to talk him out of it. JPP did the first literature search but GCSS lost it. GCSS drafted the manuscript but JPP deleted all the best jokes. GCSS is the guarantor, and JPP says it serves him right."

Anyway, apart from this, I have been recently reading a semantics article that looks like it was written by people who'd escaped from a maths department (I started Linguistics to get away from mathematics, not to run into it again...), and practising my Japanese by, er, playing a dating simulator for the Playstation 2. [ profile] theblunderbuss's PS2, to be exact, as I don't own one. Yet. When Disgaea makes it to Europe, I'm getting one - well, when Disgaea's got here and my finals are over. By that time, of course, most of the people I know with PS2s will be playing other fun Atlus games like La Pucelle and so on, but I care not.

Oh, and finally, I won these Chrono Cross keychains a few days ago. Kid and Leena in particular are very cute in chibi form.
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Just a little something that I found out while looking through my Chrono Cross Ultimania guide as a celebration after finishing the game the first time through.

The guide has three whole pages dedicated to explaining the differences in the way the characters speak. Including a very large chart detailing what they call Serge, what words they use for "I" and "you", and other fun things that make up the various silly accents...

Yes, it's all in Japanese (of which I know very little), but that's good. This means I no longer have to buy the Japanese game to figure out what the original versions of the silly accents were! (Did you know that Poshul says "anta-shan" rather than "anata"?)

Looking at it, I think that the English ones are even funnier in some ways, like the mermaid who puts ümlauts över almöst all her vöwels, or the drragon who prronounces too many rrrrrs... And, of course, zere is no match for Harle's rather ridiculous accent en français, n'est-ce pas?

Now all I have to do is flip out and learn Japanese so I can read the whole thing rather than having to laboriously type it out and throw the text at a computerised dictionary. Before that, though, I think I'm going to have a go at New Game +.
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Okay, so I'm a decade or so behind with my RPGs, I know. And since I was reminded while playing of a post [ profile] peppygrowlithe made when he finished FF7, I might as well add that here. (If you're not one for spoilers, I'd advise not to follow the link.)

I have a terrible habit of starting a RPG and then not finishing it, preferring instead to start yet another game and hop between the two depending on what I feel like playing. Or, alternatively, start playing a third game. And perhaps a fourth as well. This does mean that I play lots of different RPGs with slightly different playing styles, and if I feel like playing something I have several to resort to. Currently the list of played-but-not-finished stands at FF4, FF6, Chrono Cross and Sailor Moon: Another Story, with the New Game + of Chrono Trigger also awaiting me. Final Fantasy VII has just been taken off the list this evening, after playing the final two or three boss battles for roughly three hours. Almost an hour of that involved shuffling materia around before the first battle, so that all my characters had decent magic and skills and none of the parties in the big all-of-the-characters battle would die. Then there was the first boss battle, which featured a lot of hitting the boss with weapons, abundant Cure spells and not much else, for roughly an hour. After that we had the battle against Safer Sephiroth, who looked absolutely ridiculous but whose battle was redeemed by having "One Winged Angel" playing throughout. He took a while to take down, but once he was down we were onto a final battle which only required one button press to win the fight. And then the ending cutscenes followed.

Ah yes, the ending cutscenes. They might have been interesting if I'd remembered what on earth had happened in the game, but several months of not playing an RPG - especially one as odd and plot-holed as FF7 - does tend to dull your memory. As it was, I sat and watched and marvelled at how I had no idea why they were ending it like this, no idea how the entire party had apparently forgotten that there was a giant meteor heading towards their planet, and absolutely no idea what on earth this Holy was that they were all talking about.

As the credits finished, and the epilogue scene played (ending with what was presumably one of the characters with his children, standing on a hill, overlooking the now-green ruins of a city), I could have thought about the dangers of putting too much faith in technology, and the need to remember our responsibilities to the place we live in. I could have considered the value of friendship, so well demonstrated at times. I could have mused on the dangers of raising a child who is made without compassion, who when he learns of who he is and why he is can easily destroy his maker.

But those would have been too poetic for me. Instead, I gave a brief happy thought for the materia system, said, "Thank goodness that's over," and turned the game off. FF7 was good enough, but I've seen better - better battle systems, better plots, and especially better translations. Often all in the same game, from the same company, and in two instances in games that may never be released where I am.

Like I said, I suggest you read Peppy's post about the game. I think tomorrow I will play Chrono Cross instead.
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Okay, this is an IC birthday on PokeMUSH - thank you, [ profile] aqouli, for reminding me of it - but here goes.

To Briska, Dakota, Dusk, Flame (and Karen, even though nobody wanted to play you),

Happy birthday!

Yes, Aurora and Peppy's pups are a year old today. It doesn't feel like a year, believe me. :)

(On slightly unrelated notes: Apparently Disgaea may never get a PAL release. Which is quite a pity... so many people will be deprived the chance to throw exploding dancing penguins that yell "Dooooood!" at their enemies.)
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Well, of course it can... and here is an example of how.

Now, I know he's supposed to be a villain, but still... aww.
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If I can rarely be bothered to RP, never go and look for it myself on the MUSH, and have let two of my characters fall idle (they're logged in, but I do nothing with them) over the last six months... it time for me to leave?

I've wondered that several times over the last few months, and each time I've decided against it, because I have someone - [ profile] peppygrowlithe - who I RP with regularly. Not only that, but his character and mine are mated, with puppies, and... you get the picture.

I like the people I've met at PokeMUSH, and I like the RP I've had so far. But I can't think of where to go with Lisa and Kathryn, if anywhere, and even keeping up with Aurora slips my mind sometimes - I usually RP with Peppy at one time, one day of the week, but even so I sometimes don't remember it until half an hour after the time I'm supposed to have turned up. When I get into the scene, I forget the effort it sometimes takes to remind myself to RP that day, but should I have to force myself?

I suppose it just feels odd to think this sort of stuff, and then read Peppy's latest post, about how he's obsessed with the MUSH. I remember that feeling, but I haven't had it for a while... it's been almost a year since I've felt like seeking out RP of my own accord. Odd, that.

Well, musings aside, I'm currently playing Chrono Trigger for the first time. It's a lot of fun - the time travel is very interesting, it's fun to see the bits that Square seem to put into every game (Masa and Mune, Biggs/Vicks and Wedge), and the tech system is quite cool. It feels a bit odd to have a female healer/spellcaster in my party (Marle), since the last RPG I played was FF7... but enough reminiscing about Aeris. Chrono Trigger is a seriously cool game, and I'm looking forward to getting to the end, grabbing a guide and then going to find out what I missed out on the first time. :)


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