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More gym today, as I've somehow managed a day of (a) getting into work reasonably promptly, (b) working fairly steadily, (c) eating okay at lunch (broccoli, potatoes and a banana), (d) not snacking and (e) going to the gym.

The run of luck is broken because my hands are complaining at the steady typing, so I'm heading home soon.

Squats: 1 set 6 at 20kg, 3 sets 6 at 25kg
Deadlifts: 1 set 6 at 20kg, 3 sets 6 at 25kg
Bench press: 3 sets 6 at 30kg, 1 set 4 at 30kg (as before, was the last in the gym at this point, and didn't want to break anything)
Single arm row: Did 1 set 10 with left arm, didn't finish a set with the right arm because it is still clicking (two clicks each time) - am going to check ExRx for technique and then see if our wellness team at work are the right people for physio or similar. Bit worried about the noise.
bouteillebleu: (Eye (rainbow)) week I have no clue because I forgot to take note of the week plans *again* and left my notebook at work. Still doing pressups against the guard rail at the gym.

12/15/10/10/18 this time - will be finding a lower rail / counter to do pressups against next time. Probably going on Saturday because of squash this Friday. Still need to check Stumptuous and take notes on weights to go for.

Helped someone on the rowing machines today! She was keen but hadn't figured out the footrests - I showed her what to adjust them to and how to strap them on (strap across the widest part of the top of the foot, incidentally), and she said it seemed much better with that.

My next tasks are:
* dig up a decent rowing-training guide (I left the Redgrave book at home, alas)
* make sure I'm really sure on technique.[1]
* get the self-confidence to point out to other gym rowers how they could improve their technique - I'm sure zooming up and down so fast that the chain keeps whipping against the rower or your knees can't be too fun (the noise is annoying, at least), and if they're looking for more calories expended / better use of time / lower 500m time then good technique will only help.

Plus it is just plain *embarrassing* when there's a 6' guy on a rowing machine getting 3'20" splits per 500m when doing about 38 strokes per minute; I can do 2'10" at 19-20 strokes per minute, and am quite out of shape.

I think next time I'm at the gym I'll check if they have a handy "how to use this machine" sheet for the rowing machines, and if not ask at the desk about getting one. I know we don't need induction sessions to use this gym, but seriously, a small improvement in technique will make people get so much more out of them...

(You can take the girl off the river but you'll never take the river out of the girl. I am such a damn boatie.)

[1] The bit that throws me most is the tap... okay, brief pause for rowing stroke terminology, as best I can remember.

Catch: The bit when you're furthest forward. In a real boat, at this point you raise your end of the blade (oar) and the other end drops into the water.
Drive: Moving backwards, with the other end of the blade in the water and pushing the boat forwards.
Tap: The bit when you're furthest back. In a real boat, at this point you push your end of the blade down and the other end raises out of the water.
Slide: On the way forwards, with the blade out of the water. In a real boat you have to turn the blade to lay it flat near the start of this and raise it slightly and turn it back at the end just before the catch.

Rowing machines just have a small length of wood for the handle, so you're not doing anywhere near as hard work raising or lowering the handle at either end of the stroke. This kind of throws me because it feels too easy and thus I flex my back too much and thus get aches. Not that rowing in an eight didn't do the same - oh, how I hated having to balance the boat - but it's the bit of a rowing stroke that always feels weird.
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Gym again today. Managed 15 minutes on crosstrainer, did a fair amount of pressups (15/10/10/10/15 - didn't take notes on suggested numbers from alas) against the guardrail by the stairs, tried the arm resistance machine and gave up after about two minutes because left hand was aching, did a few minutes on a treadmill.

Treadmill unfortunately not great for practising paladin jog. Suppose I will have to find interesting places in Cambridge to run instead, OH THE HORROR.

Rowing machines possibly a good plan for near end rather than near start of workout, because at the start I'm not really warmed up and thus my leg muscles can't compensate for weak knees (also, lower back gripes a bit). Rowing machines occasionally dubious because I am a technique snob and don't want to have to look at rubbish rowers. :)

While going to the gym is getting me to actually do more exercise and sweat more (always good), I'm not sure I'm using the time as well as I could. Going to look at and go on Wednesday with more of a plan.
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Failed at knee pushups on the ground. I can't get that low and still be able to get up again (I am heavy and my arms aren't strong). So I went for pushups against the door for the initial test instead.

120 door pushups, with stops occasionally to ease out a calf cramp. My arms are all wobbly now. It is great. :D


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