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Wish upon a star
Believe in will
The realm of the king of fantasy
The master of the tale-like lore
The way to kingdom I adore
Where the warrior's heart is pure
Where the stories will come true

I've had Nightwish's album Wishmaster on repeat at work for the last two days. Fantasmic really makes me want to play Kingdom Hearts II again, every damn time.

I will be getting my hands on Final Mix + at some point. I don't care if the text is in Japanese... :)
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I just got past what I think is the halfway point of Kingdom Hearts 2. At least, I think it's halfway; it had a battle with Demyx (who is hilarious and yet kind of awww), an impressive string of battles with Final Fantasy characters helping you out, then the mother of all Heartless rushes.

And more Axel, who is also kind of awww.

Oh, and a scene that was pretty much spoiled because I'd seen it before, but when I saw it the first time... wow. Yeah.


In other news, my Yesasia order arrived today, with two albums and a pile of Fate/hollow ataraxia doujinshi. I'll be scanning bits for icons soon, I hope.
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News from Kingdom Hearts II:

Auron is still awesome.

(That is all.)
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This evening's task: trying to track down the purported track list for Elite Beat Agents, the English-language semi-sequel to Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!.

So far, I have the following leads:

  • N-Sider has an article about the game, with a one-page interview with the game designer. No mention of tracks other than the demo one; however, it appears trustworthy.

  • A GameFAQs thread which has the apparent track list, but posters are casting doubt on whether it is genuine.

  • A NeoGAF thread which was apparently the source for the GameFAQs post, and is linked to from there. Posters here also doubt the news is genuine.

  • The latest headline at, which claims that "in liu [sic] of the recent fall release list Nintendo sent out, they also made some details on Elite Beat Agents available". The phrase "in lieu of" means "in place of", so this implies that either Nintendo have sent out EBA details instead of a press release, or the person who wrote the post doesn't understand the phrase "in lieu of".

Searching on Nintendo's official website has so far revealed nothing.

I'll try to keep this up to date as I find out more.
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Some observations from today follow.

In which I finish FFX. Contains, surprisingly, almost no spoilers. )

My housemates have warned me against playing FFX-2, so I'm going on to Kingdom Hearts next - I've seen it and its PS2 sequel played, but never played them myself. I'm probably going to fail marvellously because I have terrible reflexes (why else would I play RPGs? I tried Metal Gear Solid for the story, and was so annoyed by the bit with the lasers near the start that I haven't gone back to it).

Dancing Stage Max isn't holding my interest quite as much as Squaresoft's stuff. I've been playing it whenever I miss out on the gym, and while it certainly makes me overheat I don't think it's giving me much exercise. There are also lots of licensed tracks I don't care much for, and it's quite expensive to buy new tracks at the in-game shop.

I'm really playing it to get Miracle Moon, one of the Pop'n Music tracks I like, but having heard the terrible dance version of Absolute (also a Pop'n Music track, originally mainly guitar; the Dancing Stage version has an almost inaudible melody line), I'm not too hopeful about how it'll sound.

However, DS Max does have a dancer who looks like Phoenix Wright in a waistcoat, so I've been playing as him and laughing at his dancing. ^_^

[1] Inspired by a running joke with someone I work with, who has accused me of writing fanfic involving Sephiroth and jam. I assure you that I have not written any such thing; at least, not yet.
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A few days ago I found a page that had an mp3 version of a track that amused me when I first heard it - Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" and "Someday" edited and combined. They harmonise very well together, frighteningly well in fact. Read more about it (and listen to it) here.

On Monday the only people who turned up for Korean class were me and our teacher, so we spent an hour or so talking about Korean food and British university marking systems. He also recommended a useful way of practising my Korean - keeping a journal each day. I'm considering doing this for Japanese as well, because my Japanese vocabulary is far better than my Korean vocabulary, while my grammar is probably more shaky. At least I have A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Sentence Patterns to fall back on. I'm also tempted to do this with all the languages I know, just to keep my hand in... but then I'd end up writing six short journal entries a day, and my hands have to have some rest at some point.

As if six languages (other than English) weren't enough, I'm tempted to learn Finnish. It's an agglutinating language, quite highly inflected as well (which somehow hasn't phased me, even though the way I've learnt about language typology usually separates languages into either inflecting, isolating or agglutinating), to the point of having fifteen nominal cases. Whee. Of course, these cases are in place of prepositions or postpositions, which makes sense. It's not an Indo-European language either, which makes it both interesting and difficult, though it does have quite a few loan words from Indo-European languages. There's an interesting introductory website that I glanced at, but in order to actually learn anything I'd need a textbook of some sort. I'll wait until a reasonably cheap one presents itself, or I get one from a library.

それでは、はじめます。 テーマがないけど、話します。私に宿題がありますから、明日勉強します。それにしても小説をよみます。その本の名前は『Gardens of the Moon』であって、作者はスティベンエリクソン。[ profile] theblunderbussは私に本を推せんした。

(So, let's start. I don't have a topic, but I'll talk anyway. Since I have homework to do, tomorrow I'm studying. Even so, I'll be reading a book. The book's name is 'Gardens of the Moon', and the author is Steven Erikson. theblunderbuss recommended the book to me.)

I'd add a Korean entry, as that was most of the point of doing foreign-language paragraphs, but it's far too late for me to spend half an hour slaving over what'll end up as two badly-written sentences.

내일아침에강의다니서, 오늘밤치금아요. (Because I have a lecture tomorrow morning, I'm going to bed now.)

And not a moment too soon, either. (I annoyed Semagic with this post - it won't let me enter something that's not UTF-8, and thus balks at the Japanese and Korean.)
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This entry's mostly about video games. I was lucky enough to find not one, but two good games in my local "these cheap UK and import games didn't fall off the back of a lorry, honest guv" shop - Suikoden III, and the US version of Disgaea. Now I have to sell my UK version to someone, because I've only played it once and won't ever again.

Enough of Disgaea, though. I got Suikoden III last Friday and then spent about 45 hours on it in just a week. I'm up to 51 hours now, after substantial amounts of subquests, collecting lots of extra characters and getting all sorts of new businesses set up in my base. [ profile] theblunderbuss has mentioned that he likes Suikoden II more than III, and if it's as good as he says I'm going to have to look for it as soon as I can after I've finished this one. Despite occasional errors in the text (which any RPG will have - and four or five in fifty hours is not at all bad), and a combat system that's reasonable, but not the best, it's become probably my favourite RPG, or at least one of my favourites. So I'd like to see the game that can beat it.

(The best combat system is, of course, Grandia II. No question about it.)

Fun games to play while you're falling asleep... )

Also, dating sims in which you can suffer from a variety of weird illnesses. )

I'm also thinking of tidying up my NaNoWriMo entry from last year (giving it chapter titles, and so on), and posting it a chapter at a time on my LJ. Of course, since it's not finished, this may be a bad idea. I've got 50,000 words done, but I'm expecting to do another few ten thousand at least before it's done. It will be done in time for this November (otherwise I won't be able to concentrate on this year's NaNoWriMo, of course), but is it a good idea for me to post it while it's still a work in progress?
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Just a little something that I found out while looking through my Chrono Cross Ultimania guide as a celebration after finishing the game the first time through.

The guide has three whole pages dedicated to explaining the differences in the way the characters speak. Including a very large chart detailing what they call Serge, what words they use for "I" and "you", and other fun things that make up the various silly accents...

Yes, it's all in Japanese (of which I know very little), but that's good. This means I no longer have to buy the Japanese game to figure out what the original versions of the silly accents were! (Did you know that Poshul says "anta-shan" rather than "anata"?)

Looking at it, I think that the English ones are even funnier in some ways, like the mermaid who puts ümlauts över almöst all her vöwels, or the drragon who prronounces too many rrrrrs... And, of course, zere is no match for Harle's rather ridiculous accent en français, n'est-ce pas?

Now all I have to do is flip out and learn Japanese so I can read the whole thing rather than having to laboriously type it out and throw the text at a computerised dictionary. Before that, though, I think I'm going to have a go at New Game +.


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