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A friend of mine is currently in hospital after several operations. She's feeling quite woozy, but has done her best to try to avoid needing blood transfusions, because she has O+ blood and donates blood regularly and this would knock her off the donor list.

If you've not given blood before, please have a look at the National Blood Service website and see if you could go and donate.

I know some of you cannot donate for various reasons (have had transfusions before, have trypanophobia or similar, have had sex with men / have had sex with men who've had sex with men). But those of you who can donate, and haven't gone along to a session - I encourage you to go along to a session near you (you can find out when and where your local sessions are).

If you are in Cambridge I am happy to go along with you to a session for moral support and talking rubbish at you beforehand and buy you a drink later. (Remember, lower blood content = get drunk faster, perhaps a bonus? :)


Dec. 15th, 2008 01:09 am
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Turns out that giving blood when you think you're at the end of a cold (which would be a pretty short cold of only two days) might not be a great idea, and may stick you back in the middle of the cold for another few days while your body goes "wtf where did all my white blood cells go".

On the other hand, I have a cool keychain with my blood type on it. :)


Aug. 26th, 2008 11:35 pm
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Finally got around to doing something for the first time that I should have done years ago.

Giving blood.

(I was on my way back from the bus stop to home and walked past the Methodist church in time, which had the Blood Service outside the back; on a whim, and because I had some time spare, I went in to see if they'd take people who'd not booked an appointment. Turns out they would. :)


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