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Ballgowning symptom #3: poetry.

By which I mean I wrote an IC villanelle. Filter very restricted; this hasn't gone to the intended recipient yet. Don't know how on earth I will be getting it there, but hey...

(Edited slightly following discussion in the comments.)

ETA, post Maelstrom event 1 2011: Intended recipient has (a) retired and (b) been sent the poem IC, so here it is for people in general. This may make it IC at some point, but at the moment I'm happy for people to see it OOC.

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Jun. 12th, 2004 07:52 pm
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I've just finished a one-off tabletop RPG with several friends, and it reminded me of some of the fun things about RPing. In particular, the mad OOC comments.

"Okay... you hit the Daikan over the head with a stick." - our GM, Kyo. Due to all the characters having sticks of some form or another, this happened several times before the end.

"I shake my stick. It makes a tinkling sound." - my crossdressing monk (whose crossdressing was never revealed, due to us only having a one-day game).

"Let's persuade them we're travelling performers."
"Okay, so we're putting on a religious play?"
"What are those two, then?" *pointing to the heavily armoured samurai and the ninja*
"Well, he *points at samurai* can be the stage."
"Ah, and the ninja's doing the special effects."
"And backstage work." - Fib's miko (shrine maiden) and my monk. Incredibly, we rolled high enough on Performance to convince a peasant family that we were performers, and to take us in for the night.

"Right, what can I do?"
*looks at charms on character sheet*
"I inspect my horse with an appraising eye." - Fib's miko, in the middle of combat with a rather fearsome samurai.

The best one, however, was something that happened on the IRC channel on which we were discussing characters before the game:

<Fib> Kyo: I take your silence as meaning 'yes you can have a horse'
<Kyo> dan: or it can be coated with self brewed stuff
* The_Blunderbuss managed to get those lines mixed up and assumed Fib was going to have a horse coated with something he'd brewed himself.

Final reflections:
- The Exalted system is cool, but requires a certain amount of modification to work in seventeenth-century Japan;
- Character plot points are not really worth taking for a one-off game;
- When designing a healer character, it's preferable to have one that can actually heal *in battle*, as mine couldn't;
- And the idea of playing a game of Paranoia is seeming quite oddly appealing now. (Everything you say is IC. Mentioning the rules is above your security level, and means you will be killed. Random character death all around. Madness, but madness that sounds like a lot of fun.)
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I read [ profile] peppygrowlithe's LJ entry today, and it made me think a bit about my own RP experiences. I play three characters on PokeMUSH - Aurora, a fuzzy Growlithe; Lisa, a fairly normal trainer who started training ICly (and OOCly) about two years ago; and Kathryn, a Rocket who wouldn't have ended up in TR were it not for her personality and stubbornness. I played more as a staffer - for example, my clerk Russell Thomas Bucket, who had an atrocious pun for a name but was very cheerful about the whole thing - but now that I'm no longer on staff, I'm back to my three initial characters.

Thoughts on my current characters. Cut to avoid spam. )

And back to the Laserquest game I played with Shadow, which was rather a long time ago... we did beat those townies, by a fair margin. I still have the game record with me. I got sworn at a couple of times by some of the crappier and more macho guys, and called a "geek" by a fair few others. Honestly, I'm studying maths... you think "geek" is an insult, boys? I can't actually think what /would/ be an insult, actually... but it was so, so much fun. Wish I could do that again. Thanks for that, Shadow, and I'm sorry if I seemed overwhelmed by your nostalgia... it was mostly because I don't know Cambridge all that well.

Well, tomorrow I have no lectures (yippee!), but one Analysis supervision (eek...), and then more and more and more CATAM until my brain hurts and my fingers hurt and I don't know what "complexity of an algorithm" is and I'm stuck and I won't get it done and...

Ahem. Night, everyone.


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