Jan. 25th, 2010 12:51 am
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I went to the Vodafone shop in the Grafton today, and a cool and helpful woman called Sobia had a look at my phone, figured that I'd got the settings right (and was frustrated that she couldn't help me fix lack-of-internet), checked with her manager, went and looked at my account settings and found that just changing SIM hadn't activated GPRS and MMS for my account. She set those on and within two minutes I had internet access on my phone.

Hurrah! :D And thank you.

(I have posted this because I am glad I got it fixed, and because I think she was awesome. From time in tech support I know how frustrating it is when you can't fix someone's problem, and she was very happy when she got it sorted. :)
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Two days after end of event 2. Still tired. Still bouncy and energetic and getting motivation to work from aftereffects of event.

Froth not containable here in publically available form. See Rule 7 post for thoughts. Need my hands to hold out for the next couple of months and my brain to work well. :)
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News from Kingdom Hearts II:

Auron is still awesome.

(That is all.)
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Back from holiday in Scotland. Weather was nice, and by nice I mean cold.

But I'm back to Cambridge and my internet connection, which is good.

Except my laptop's getting worse and often crashes while loading Windows, which is bad. And since my university network account has been disabled, this means I don't have any way to communicate with the outside world until I get a new computer.

On the good side, though, I do have a job (which should be starting at some point that I will be told - presumably by email, in another stroke of irony - this week, and is likely to be early September), and I'll be moving out of college accomodation and into the wide, wide world of somewhere else in Cambridge.
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An update on that essay prize I was planning to enter - turns out the prize money was only £100, as the letter in my pigeonhole informed me this morning. Still, it's nice to have £100 off your bill once in a while, and it helped to cheer me up this morning. :)


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