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A bit more fic. Does not contain facetcat. Does contain some spoilers for mechanics of certain racial abilities in Maelstrom, but having said that so do all the previous things featuring facetcat...

Facets and Facetiousness, part 4. )
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I went right from the last scene to a very serious scene. Apparently the prospect of lots of theology proved too much for my brain, and so I went back and wrote this to happen before it.

There may be copious italics in here. Facetcat appears to be in italics, not sure why.

Facets and Facetiousness - Interlude )
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There's still more to come. Part 2 was a little slower than I'd like (both in how long it took to write, and in how fast it moves). On the plus side, kittyfacet!

Facets and Facetiousness, part 2 )
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Would post this in its entirety but I don't have much free time to write at the moment (my hours awake are almost all spent at work, travelling to or from work, at the gym, or at LARP or tabletop; the times I write are times when I should be asleep).

So, [ profile] newvani posted some awesome stuff he drew over Christmas, among which was a picture of Potch that he'd shown me at the Marshalls' player event in January. It is very shiny and based on a Gaia avatar in this post.

I then threatened some AU fic involving Potch being flouncy and angsty and wearing ballgowns. Here is part 1, featuring fans, Flembics and facets.

Facets and Facetiousness, part 1 )


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