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Something of a flashback today. I found a bit of fiction I'd written a few months ago based on an event that happened to my first LARP character in her first term - some of you may recognise this from me accidentally copy-pasting it to IRC. Still, four years later or so it's probably fairly safe to post. :)

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Two bits of fiction here, both for my CUTT character Natasha. Done using three-word prompts, crossposted to [ profile] lrpdrabbles here. The first is fairly short, and entirely backstory; the second is partly backstory, partly the most recent CUTT interactive, and a lot of italics. :)

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Soul fic

Apr. 17th, 2010 01:17 am
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Some old snippets from a prompt on [ profile] lrpdrabbles a while back - what does your character's soul look like?

I haven't done this for Potch because it's actually had this done in-game at Maelstrom, and it's more amusing to ask for in character (and also even less comprehensible than the ones below).

So, instead, have some for my CUTT characters.


Ellie )

Sophie )

Mary )

Natasha )
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Short vignette I wrote as a "what happens next" for a CUTT character I recently retired (Sophie). Mild swearing.

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Inspired by a recent fic prompt on [ profile] lrpdrabbles about characters haunting or being haunted around Hallowe'en time. I couldn't think of any of my existing characters who'd have friends haunt them (well, not friends that I could write reliably), so this one is about the mother of my first LARP character.

(EDIT: Now also posted to [ profile] lrpdrabbles.)

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Right. Google Apps. The overview page for the Google Apps service implies that it's good for hosting web apps written in Python (and now also ones written in Java). I have two projects that I would like to have hosted somewhere - one is the refbot (extracting CUTT downtimes from emails and putting onto the refwiki), the other is the Spinebot (incrementally-developed version of the PD downtime system, attempting improvements on a few aspects such as downtime submission).

refbot refbot )

Spinebot (incidentally, the name comes from my Maelstrom group, the Spine of the World) )
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This week has been tiring in many places, but also fun.

Monday and Tuesday, working through bug retests for next release of product.

Wednesday, working through bug retests, getting called into meeting, finding out I'd not passed my probation, packing up contents of desk drawers (including nerf gun - most of the team has them, it's great :) and heading home an hour and a half earlier than expected.

Didn't do so well with getting CUTT downtimes done that evening, or on Thursday, but got them out on Friday. Spent Friday morning writing articles for the CUTT in-character newspaper.

Friday evening, LARP. Seemed to go quite well, people generally had fun, best part was going into the bar with Lupie and a bottle of port and getting the rest of the bar to steadily drink through the whole bottle. :)

Saturday morning, frantic packing, getting into town for waffles and being almost paralysed with panic, arranging a lift and panicking less. Ran into Sue on the way through Trinity to the car, which was great. :)

Saturday afternoon, begged off actually reffing and spent the time making up people with Lupie, and helping Simon (who was catering) with peeling and cleaning vegetables and washing up. Then spent the actual banquet mostly chatting to Ian, Kirsty and Felicity about Maelstrom, because most of my enthusiastic chatter is still dedicated to the game I'm playing in, rather than the one I'm reffing (which is harder to chat about without giving stuff away).

Tomorrow I go back to the camp site to help with the get-out, which should be fun, at least in part because there is lots of delicious plum and raspberry crumble left there that people did not eat OM NOM NOM.
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Because a lot of people on my friends list are doing this at the moment:

1. Choose a few of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself.
4. Tag whoever you feel like to do this. (Up to you, guys.)

Sophie Glover, CUTT. )

Mary, CUTT. )

Eloise Starshine Rivers, CUTT. )

Pristis ex Guernicus, Whitewash (Ars Magica game). )

Aurora, PokeMUSH (as of when I retired her). )
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...ten thousand miles I'd travel.

(Now to see how many people I know get the song playing in their head. I've only just learned how the tune goes, and I am liking it. :)
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Student life:
I'm an MPhil student these days. We're into week 4 of term, and I'm still reasonably up to schedule with my practical ticks (still need them to be checked as I finished slightly later than the practicals, but they're done in time for the next practical sessions).

The fast pace of the practical sessions has resulted in me learning a lot of Perl and C++ in a short time. The C++ was easier because I've done some Java; the Perl was a nightmare, but I'm starting to like the language, perversely.

Lectures themselves are cool, especially information retrieval (Simone has essentially shown us, in lectures and practical, how to make a search engine for a corpus of documents) and statistical signal processing (Mark Gales is a cool lecturer, plus I never realised how much probability I actually *learned* as an undergrad - lots of it has come back to me).

Only regret so far is that I've not really had time for reading around, because I've been trying to juggle lectures, practicals, hobbies and sleeping.

Oh boy. I have many this term. Where to start?

1) Knitting. Picked this up randomly a few weeks before term started, and retaught myself how to knit and purl. Have now made a very long scarf, have two more comissioned and a whole load of vaguely interesting projects in the works. Also three bags of yarn living near my bed.

2) Fansubbing. Okay, this isn't a hobby yet, but a possible one. A friend on #cucas-old has suggested that several of us there find an interesting new anime series and fansub it ourselves. Said friend is a translator for an existing fansub group - this is good, because he's one of the few people on the channel who knows enough Japanese to be a translator. However, the rest of us can do well as translation checkers, editors, QC and encoders... so it should all be quite interesting.

3) LARP. Still going to Treasure Trap - we just had the third interactive and linear of the term yesterday and today. After the slow, steady paranoia of last term for one character, and the general horsing around for the other two characters, I was expecting to go plot-hounding by myself, and then the refs threw plot at one character and I've not really had a chance to play the others yet. (I lineared one of them last week, and ought to play her soon again so I don't feel bad and metagamey; I would have lineared the plot one this week, but the character party was already too large and it was more sensible for the person organising the linear to drop her. :)

I'll probably waffle a bit more about LARP in a later post to those who are interested (read: LARPers on my friends list, it's probably tremendously boring for the rest of you :).
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Things that are awesome.

1. Puzzle Pirates and our soon-to-be crew. We have a ship on order (it'll be ready in a day or two), we've been training up at puzzles, and I've been trying to memorise routes so as to not need to worry about charts.

I don't think I'll manage to memorise any before we start sailing, but I've been getting island league points on my world map at least. I would have had the third archipelago of the ocean mapped if I hadn't accidentally teleported home when playing this morning.

Remember, kids - don't pirate while asleep, or while using a touchpad laptop mouse. It never helps.

ETA: I now have our ship, and a whisking potion so I can skip to islands I've been to before.

I do not, unfortunately, have the option to make a crew. Still need Narrow in swordfighting and battle navigation.

2. Reading computer science papers. The history of Haskell makes for interesting reading. (I have been warned off Haskell by Fib, who suggests I learn ML instead if I really want to learn a functional language. I need to play around with ML more.)

3. Three songs:
'Tribute' by Tenacious D
'Title of the Song' by Da Vinci's Notebook
'Finite Simple Group (Of Order Two)' by The Klein Four Group

4. Spoof CS tripos papers. I couldn't find them on the university site, but a bit of hunting produced 2006's paper. Question 3 amuses me far too much.

A little more searching produced all the papers from 1999 to 2006. Warning - most of these contain swearing, marijuana references and very bad jokes about curry (there's one almost every year). Do not inhale. Do not take orally. Oh, and probably best not viewed at work, either.

More random links:

The photos from this year's 3YGB.
Homepage for Philip Wadler, one of the inventors of Haskell.
Oz and Ends, a blog that's mainly about children's and young adult fiction.
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I have just got back from a 3-day LARP event.

It was the first one I have been to.

I was also one of the people organising and reffing it.

Yay shiny kit shiny players shiny PCs great roleplaying running around ridiculous weapons demons fae gratuitous necromancy gods yelling at people gods getting splatted yay!

The 2007 CUTT Third-Year Goodbye was Serious Business.

Thank you to all the players who charactered, the players who monstered, and [ profile] chess and [ profile] dreamfracture for making it such a fantastic event. You are all awesome.

(And now I'm going to sit down for perhaps the first time in 3 days, and wash off the blue demon snaz. :)


Jun. 13th, 2007 05:45 pm
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We have an EGM tonight. Our president asked me to print out the Constitution (which we're going to amend) and the suggested rewrites of two skill trees (which we're planning to rework over the summer).

JANET was down between 11 and 2, and chose 5:30 as the best time to have Cambridge-Chelmsford fall over again, leaving me with

1. no way to get to the TT website or wiki to access the pages I want to print;
2. no way to let people know on IRC;
3. no way to let people know by email, because Hermes is presumably inside the CUDN.

As [ profile] kingofwrong said, bollocks to "degrading gracefully".

In case people in the CUDN can see my LJ, I have printed out the AGM minutes and will bring them along; I'll try to get the constitution and the Wilderness and Subterfuge pages done at home, but may not manage it in time.

If anyone else who can see the pages can print them, please do - 3 to 6 copies of each of Constitution, new Wilderness suggestions and new Subterfuge suggestions is what we need.

[ profile] rjw76, very sorry about this - looks like JANET picked the wrong day to give up working. :(

EDITED, LATER: Crisis averted (though JANET still being silly), things printed, EGM held, takeaway eaten afterwards.

I'm writing up the AGM minutes and will send them to Rosie and Michael when I can.


Jun. 7th, 2007 01:33 pm
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I have a sword!

To be precise, it's in a big cardboard box propped up against my desk at work. I don't want to take it out because otherwise I won't be able to get it back into the box to go home, and I'd really rather not be carrying a sword on the bus, LARP-safe or not. So it stays in the box.

As the auction link above says, it's a 50" Eldritch katana. I have precisely one Treasure Trap character who can (a) wield it without exploding their mana everywhere messily and (b) do more than superficial damage IC when wielding it. :)

I'm also going to need a back scabbard for it, probably, because my legs are not long enough to keep it off the ground if it's in a drop scabbard off my belt.

(For anyone who was worried, this is indeed a LARP sword - it's made out of carbon-fibre or fibreglass, then foam, then latex. The worst you can get from this sword if someone whacks you with it is a bruise, and that only if they really hit you hard. :)
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So, what have I been doing recently? A few things.

1. Playing in a tabletop game run by [ profile] gwyntar called "State of Mind", set in the Babylon 5 universe, along with a whole load of other CUTT people. Quite short campaign - four sessions - because it was in between university terms, but was a lot of fun. Entire PC group as telepaths on the run from Psi Corp. Plenty of moments involving [ profile] gwyntar wearing black leather gloves and being scary Psi Cop - after two sessions, some of us would just start twitching when he put the gloves on. :)

2. Because of playing in "State of Mind" and enjoying it a lot, borrowing Babylon 5 DVDs from various friends and starting to watch it. I'm up to episode 16 of season 1 so far - I've been watching it in spare hours after work or at weekends.

I keep comparing it to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Babylon 5 comes out avourably in almost all of these comparisons, except for the ones where they end up even.

Here's what I like about Babylon 5 so far. )

So, yeah. Babylon 5 is good. Watch it. I shall be watching more.

3. Helping to plan the end-of-year plot for CUTT, and this weekend running a linear related to it.

What's a linear, then? )
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I think Duncan has infected me with Goth. I spent yesterday evening wandering around shops in the Grafton looking for new trousers, and grumbling at all the shoe shops because none of the boots were stompy enough. Want New Rocks, damn it, because black clothes with white trainers just look silly.

Not that being infected with gothness is a bad thing. I think I'll have to go back to Camden at some point for shoe-buying.

Speaking of being infected, I have not posted recently because all the LJ posts I have written have been pure LARP-froth. They have also been private-locked because of insane amounts of theorising and information that I don't want to reveal out-of-character. I've been busy plottyscheming over the holidays, and I think everyone else has been doing the same.

The first interactive back is going to be very fun.

(Mwa ha ha ha ha.)
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The LJ icon here is a haematite stone. I like haematite, and it's what Mary's focus is made of (that and sodalite). I am such a not-really-a-goth.

And now for the larpwaffle, of Kirsty and Bryony's IC metaphysical explanation of why you can't be a mage and a priest at the same time in Treasure Trap. Explained to me at Entropy the other day, and repeated as best I can remember.

Mage: someone who has a focus.
Priest: someone who's been Spiritually Awakened.

Larpwaffle, like I said. Involves a lawnmower. )


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