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This is something of a stretch, but on the offchance one of you has experience that you'd be willing to share...

I have just bought a Wacom Bamboo Pen graphics tablet (well, tablet and stylus), model number CTL-460. The computers I can use it on are one running Windows 2000 (apparently too hold, according to the box) and one running Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope).

Haven't tried it yet with Windows 2000, but I've just spent an immensely frustrating hour recompiling part of the kernel and filling in a config file, neither of which worked.

I'm planning to try this again tomorrow when I have more brains to do so, but in the meantime, does anyone have experience of getting this sort of tablet to work under either of these operating systems? If so, what would you suggest needs doing?

EDIT: Ah ha! Turns out that if I plug it into the Win2K desktop and hope, it works. Just like that. Fiendishly sensitive and possibly not adjustable beyond using the standard mouse sensitivity things, but it works. Is somewhat painful to use as a mouse alternative, though, so lesson learned, and I have a nice graphics tablet for drawing / colouring things.

Soul fic

Apr. 17th, 2010 01:17 am
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Some old snippets from a prompt on [ profile] lrpdrabbles a while back - what does your character's soul look like?

I haven't done this for Potch because it's actually had this done in-game at Maelstrom, and it's more amusing to ask for in character (and also even less comprehensible than the ones below).

So, instead, have some for my CUTT characters.


Ellie )

Sophie )

Mary )

Natasha )
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If you ever have anyone you know bring up "that case where that woman sued McDonalds for selling her coffee that she spilled on herself" as an example of either (a) Health and safety GONE MAD or (b) people being stupid...

...ask them to READ THE DETAILS OF THE CASE before they mouth off about it. They will be enlightened!

Very brief summary of things to note:
* The coffee was at about 85 degrees C; at this temperature a spill will give third degree burns within a few seconds. Home brewed coffee is usually served at about 60-70.
* Stella Liebeck, the defendant, initially asked for $20,000 to cover her medical costs, which were $10,000; McDonalds would offer only $800.
* The jury found McDonalds 80% responsible for the incident and Liebeck, the defendant, 20% responsible.
* That "2.7 million" number you've heard quoted? That was what the jury initially awarded as punitive damages - two days' coffee revenue for McDonalds. The judge lowered it to $480,000, in addition to $160,000 compensatory damages, for a total of $640,000. However, McDonalds and Liebeck eventually settled out of court for an undisclosed amount that was less than this.

The case filings can also be found on the New Mexico Courts case lookup - if that link fails with a "Stale Session" error, then go to "Case Number Search" and enter the case number, which is D-202-CV-9302419.

(This post brought to you by someone at work talking about this in a way that seemed to indicate they'd not read about it, only heard anecdotes. Oh, here are some court cases that are in fact entirely spurious, should you ever need to debunk those.)

[Edited 12/02/2009 to add another link to a summary of the case.]
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Helped parents install Windows 7 on their laptop yesterday, by which I mean my brother and I installed it and occasionally told parents useful things about it when they came past.

Things I like about it:
- Plug and Play is what it says. Printer worked, mouse worked, scanner had to be searched for but didn't take very long. Only thing we had some problems with was the ADSL USB modem, of which more later.
- Internet access via ad-hoc network worked straight away with no need to change settings - just plugged the ethernet cable into its network port and it picked up the network and was happy. (More on this later, though.)
- UAC much improved since Vista and Win2K8 Server - it's more akin to the popups that one of the spyware blockers I use has, which tell you when something is trying to install or run that you might not have expected.

In general it looks like the operating system's grown up and really quite nice.

The not-so-fun has been today's attempt to get our Thomson Speedtouch 330 USB ADSL modem playing nice with 64-bit Windows 7. There are no drivers for Windows 7 in general or the 64-bit version in particular; we made two initial attempts, first with the drivers that came with the product (no go) and second with the 32-bit Vista drivers (also no go). A workaround on Technet looked promising but led to blue-screening every time we plugged the modem in.

Finally, another workaround on Technet gave us a working setup and a connection that would actually work! Hurrah!

Except now the Win7 laptop can't see the internet connection through the network like it could before, and I have no idea how to sort this.

FAKE EDIT: Brother has copied over the settings we had on parents' old laptop (for when it was using Internet Connection Sharing) and applied them to the LAN connection on the new one and it works fine. Huzzah!

I still think things might have been easier with an ethernet-based ADSL modem/router, but at least the duct tape on this setup is now in all the right places. :)


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