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I just got past what I think is the halfway point of Kingdom Hearts 2. At least, I think it's halfway; it had a battle with Demyx (who is hilarious and yet kind of awww), an impressive string of battles with Final Fantasy characters helping you out, then the mother of all Heartless rushes.

And more Axel, who is also kind of awww.

Oh, and a scene that was pretty much spoiled because I'd seen it before, but when I saw it the first time... wow. Yeah.


In other news, my Yesasia order arrived today, with two albums and a pile of Fate/hollow ataraxia doujinshi. I'll be scanning bits for icons soon, I hope.
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News from Kingdom Hearts II:

Auron is still awesome.

(That is all.)
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Good stuff and not-so-good stuff, I guess.

First, the not-so-good stuff: I tried to get horizontal span working on my graphics card, which sent it back into the death spiral of "boot Windows -> change to horizontal span while booting Windows -> reboot computer -> boot Windows" that happened before. It does this when I try to reinstall the nVidia drivers, too. So I think I'll get a new graphics card.

Then the good stuff: I'm nearing the end of Kingdom Hearts. Okay, I suppose that's not all that good, as it's been a fairly fun game, if a little short (I'm at just over 30 hours now, which I class as 'short'). I'm stuck on the fight against SPOILER ). He's quick, strong, and bloody difficult to dodge in his last attack form because by the time I've healed and can hit him, he's semi-invincible again.

More spoilery wittering, mostly about pretty guys. )

I'd have made a Kingdom Hearts LJ icon by this point, but I'm in 800x600 with 16 colours at the moment, and not many pictures display well in 16 colours.

[ profile] duncanneko has mentioned that there may be generic SVGA drivers for Windows. Does anyone know more about this? All I've managed to dig up is the generic VGA display adapter that you get when you don't have any other drivers installed.
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This evening's task: trying to track down the purported track list for Elite Beat Agents, the English-language semi-sequel to Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!.

So far, I have the following leads:

  • N-Sider has an article about the game, with a one-page interview with the game designer. No mention of tracks other than the demo one; however, it appears trustworthy.

  • A GameFAQs thread which has the apparent track list, but posters are casting doubt on whether it is genuine.

  • A NeoGAF thread which was apparently the source for the GameFAQs post, and is linked to from there. Posters here also doubt the news is genuine.

  • The latest headline at, which claims that "in liu [sic] of the recent fall release list Nintendo sent out, they also made some details on Elite Beat Agents available". The phrase "in lieu of" means "in place of", so this implies that either Nintendo have sent out EBA details instead of a press release, or the person who wrote the post doesn't understand the phrase "in lieu of".

Searching on Nintendo's official website has so far revealed nothing.

I'll try to keep this up to date as I find out more.
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Some observations from today follow.

In which I finish FFX. Contains, surprisingly, almost no spoilers. )

My housemates have warned me against playing FFX-2, so I'm going on to Kingdom Hearts next - I've seen it and its PS2 sequel played, but never played them myself. I'm probably going to fail marvellously because I have terrible reflexes (why else would I play RPGs? I tried Metal Gear Solid for the story, and was so annoyed by the bit with the lasers near the start that I haven't gone back to it).

Dancing Stage Max isn't holding my interest quite as much as Squaresoft's stuff. I've been playing it whenever I miss out on the gym, and while it certainly makes me overheat I don't think it's giving me much exercise. There are also lots of licensed tracks I don't care much for, and it's quite expensive to buy new tracks at the in-game shop.

I'm really playing it to get Miracle Moon, one of the Pop'n Music tracks I like, but having heard the terrible dance version of Absolute (also a Pop'n Music track, originally mainly guitar; the Dancing Stage version has an almost inaudible melody line), I'm not too hopeful about how it'll sound.

However, DS Max does have a dancer who looks like Phoenix Wright in a waistcoat, so I've been playing as him and laughing at his dancing. ^_^

[1] Inspired by a running joke with someone I work with, who has accused me of writing fanfic involving Sephiroth and jam. I assure you that I have not written any such thing; at least, not yet.
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That is all.

(We now return you to your regular service, which does not involve me squeeing over Archer being cool. Nor does it involve me noticing where the anime has subtle remixes of the game tracks at important plot points.)
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Found my driving license today, hidden away in a drawer, so now I have proper library membership. It's odd, though - after four and a half years spent mostly away from home, I'm not used to (a) getting novels from libraries rather than bookshops, or (b) libraries smaller than the UL. Cambridge has spoiled me, it seems, particularly the two years where I was in walking distance of at least four libraries.

Speaking of books, my second Amazon package arrived today, so I caught up on all the manga I ordered - Ouran High School Host Club 2-4, and Mars 8 and 9. Ouran is silly and light-hearted, with a group of young men hamming it up for the girls of their school, and a girl who's somehow ended up working with them. Mars, on the other hand... I've described it before as "shoujo with bite". It's a love story, yes, but one about two people who've been broken by what's happened to them in life. Secrets come out, hearts break and are repaired, and I hope they'll have a happy ending because by now, both of them deserve it.

Alas, I can't stay serious for long, as it suddenly struck me that if you crossed Ouran and Mars, you'd get Kodocha, another series I like, and have left at home because I can't fit another ten volumes of manga on the shelves, dash it all. Well, you'd probably have to combine Ouran and Mars and then inject liquid sugar into the result, just to get the correct amount of hyperness.

Finally, thinking back to yesterday's post, I forgot to mention the niggling idea for a fanfic that's caught me. After a friend enthused over Melanie Rawn's books, I bought a copy of The Mageborn Traitor from a charity shop, and many months later I finally read it. Two of the characters, Sarra and Collan, have a happy relationship, albeit one with interesting dynamics given the reversal of gender roles. I bought The Ruins of Ambrai, the first in the series of which "Traitor" is the second, and read it afterwards.

...For such a happy marriage, I definitely wasn't expecting them to dislike each other so much. And when it became clear that this would be a stereotypical "I hate you!" "I hate you too!" "You suck!" "So do you!" "...I love you!" "...So do I!" romance, as in the bad romance novels I've read summaries of, it suddenly made me realise why I thought Collan had chemistry with Sarra's younger sister, Cailet. Because there was more genuine affection there. In the second book, Rawn wrote a happy marriage between two strong personalities; but if I'd read the first to start with, I might not have read the second.

The fanfic idea isn't "what happens if he gets together with Cailet?". That wouldn't be simple, especially after the end of the first book and what Glenin did to them both, though working through that would be intriguing. But taking one of Collan's more impulsive actions and seeing what would happen if it went the other way, and what would happen to him, Sarra and Cailet at the end of "Ruins" and the start of "Traitor"... that would be interesting.

'Course, I haven't written fanfic since the Zelda stuff I wrote at school, unless you count a Pokemon fanfic involving two of my PokeMUSH characters. I think I'd fail at the "sound like the author" hurdle; then again, it's a challenge I've not faced yet. Developing my writing style, here I come!
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I present to you the best Final Fantasy VI cosplay ever.

In other trivial news, I've discovered that FFX is getting quite good indeed, and Sainsbury's apparently sells coffee bagels (which I picked up by accident on a search for something for dinner).
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I'm just in the middle of rewatching Vandread - an anime series where the "battle of the sexes" is taken to the logical extremes. Men and women live on different planets, and might as well be two different species for all they care. The first line of the series is from a male propaganda video, and is:

"Women are demons!"

or words to that effect.

Anyway, the story involves a crew of female pirates and three men they've captured when they captured the ship they were on, and how they interact while trying to deal with a threat to both their planets. And how they get to know each other, and how some relationships develop... It's a very enjoyable series to watch, as it doesn't fall into the trap that a less sensible series might, of having all the women chase after the men or vice versa. Instead, most of them regard the other sex as rather curious, but probably similar enough that they can be tolerated.

And this is a very long setup just for me to pimp a Vandread fanfic that I like. It's called Research, and involves Duero, the cool-headed (male) doctor, and Parfet, the enthusiastic (female) ship's engineer. Duero puts forward a theory he has, about how men and women might actually be of the same species, and the research that's then discussed is somewhat of a... reproductive nature.

(It's a little floridy written, but a very nice fic if you've seen the series and wanted to see what could happen with these two characters.)
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Searching on has unfortunately not yielded a story like the one I'm looking for (see here for the idea I'm searching for). However, I found a few that weren't too bad.

More fanfic links, this time for Sailor Moon. All of these are set after the end of the Stars season, either before or after the foundation of Crystal Tokyo. )

I'd also like to know where the hell this idea of the Earth freezing over before the advent of Crystal Tokyo comes from. Maybe it was in the anime (though I don't remember anything about it from the first three seasons), because it certainly wasn't in the manga. Can anyone help with on this subject?

And with this post, I think I've done enough fanfiction reading for a good month or so. Now I'll be heading back to work on my Nanowrimo 2003 entry (which finally passed 50,000 words a few days ago), play Chrono Cross for the second time, and revise for exams.
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As I read and watch certain books and TV series, sometimes there are things that are part of the story but don't get included in the book or TV show, that I think it would be fun to read fanfiction about.

That does sound like a rather long and convoluted way of saying "Here are some ideas for fanfics I'd like to read", doesn't it? In that case, to avoid further delays, here's the list.

List here. )

It's true that the list's quite short, with only three series and one fic idea for each. I would include Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time prequels and bits set during the seven-year gap in the game, but I started writing things for both of those - so even though I haven't worked on them for ages, there's not much point in looking for stuff other people have written if I want to write it myself. And I'm sure there are other fanfics I'd like to read, but these are the ideas that stand out - the ones I'd like to see because it would fill in what I see as a gap in the series or book.

In summary, the ideas are: a decent ending for ReBoot; a reason why Neo Queen Serenity is calm, mature and nothing like she was as a teenager; and the conversation that ended up with Raoul and Buri in bed together. If anyone knows of good fanfics written around these premises, please let me know.
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Anime music videos.

I don't know how many people have heard of them, and of those how many people would willingly watch them. There seem to be enough that can thrive - there even seem to be enough willing to pay for storage space for their AMVs that there's already a system set up on the website.

Now, there are several ways to make anime music videos, basically depending on the software or hardware you have access to. Generally, the best way to produce something that people will watch is to use decent clips from stuff that's not got subtitles in (in fact, the rules of the site prohibit using fansubbed anime - it's DVD source or nothing, folks - but that doesn't stop the vast majority of the video makers, me included), and use a nice non-linear editor like Adobe Premiere. Premiere also has many special effects that can be used to spice up videos. In fact, there's even been a fairly well known video posted there called Euphoria (done to footage from RahXephon) which shows off how many effects can be added to a video to go with the music and still not overpower the whole thing.

According to an acquaintance in our university anime society, Euphoria also has a fairly rabid fanboy following, since whenever anything threatens to displace it from its "Best Video" slot on the website, the fanboys go and vote for it many many times to get it back to the top. This, to me, seems to be a pity. Not only is it stopping other good videos from being recognised, it's also sending completely the wrong message to AMV creators - "More is better".

This has resulted in many videos that I have downloaded, only to find out that the thick coating of Premiere filters on the footage has rendered them unwatchable. The video's entry on is here, and is called Fade to Black. In fact, before this filter-mania started, the only place I'd seen this many ridiculous effects used was in a video that parodied the large amount of crappy Dragonball Z videos posted on the website, the All Purpose DBZ Music Video.

Of course, I am rather biased on this matter, as I don't have a copy of Premiere and the program I use to edit my AMVs is VirtualDub, which really isn't intended for that sort of use at all - everything has to be done linearly, the frame rates have to match up exactly, and there's no way to put (say) credits on the end, even a short screen with writing on. This is why the only video I've actually done enough on to post is still not properly finished, and thus there is no proper link to it, even from my profile page (yes, that's a blatant plug for publicity, I know).

Still, even without taking into account my opinions as someone who makes rather poor videos rather slowly with not-particularly-good software, I prefer to watch videos where the effects are only used to help the story, not to hide it behind layers of funky waveforms and page-turning transitions. So I'll leave you with a good (though full of spoilers for the end of the series) video for Angelic Layer, called Beyond the Angelic Dome.

(Oh, and I recommend all the videos I linked to here, other than Fade To Black. Even Euphoria has its good points.)
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Something I've noticed while browsing IRC channels for various things to watch is that there are many, many channels on many servers dedicated to anime episodes, and far fewer dedicated to other sorts of television programs. There are, of course, several that have various American television series like ER available, some that are dedicated to cheesy non-Japanese cartoons (where I recently was happy to find the entire four seasons of ReBoot available), and even a few that serve the even cheesier Japanese television genre known as sentai.

Not to be confused with hentai, sentai shows are best summed up by comparison with Power Rangers - a team of people, usually in preposterous fighting gear, who fight monsters that wear even more outlandish outfits. However, there are very few places that I've found that have British television programs on them. Of course, the more successful ones might make it across the Atlantic and thus gain a fanbase, but not all of them do.

So I was very happy to discover, some time ago, a channel called #junkyard-wars on Some of you may know of Junkyard Wars - two teams are challenged to make something, like a steam-powered car, a diving suit or something to knock down buildings, using only what they can find on a scrapheap (a junkyard for the Americans reading this, hence the name).

The series has been going for a fair few seasons in America, and what more astute viewers may have noticed is that the hosts of the program changed after the first few seasons. This is because the first few seasons were actually made in the UK, where it's called Scrapheap Challenge, and was initially presented by Cathy Rogers (the very cool woman who came up with the program concept and runs the company that produced it) and the ever mad Robert Llewelyn (Kryten in Red Dwarf). It's very fun to watch people start out with an outlandish premise - "you must build a boat, that can also drive on land, and has a pump and hose in it so you can extinguish a burning building in the middle of a lake!" - a scrapheap full of all sorts of rubbish, and ten hours, and still come up with something at the end that manages to fulfill the challenge, all with the help with lots of welding and liberal application of duct tape.

Even the moments that go horribly wrong can be utterly hilarious. My favourite example of this was in one of the finals, where the teams had to build drag racing cars, and after one run all the forward gears on the gearbox on one of the cars blew out. So, of course, the team decided to do the next run in reverse... all the way down the drag strip. Managing about 30 miles an hour, backwards. You don't get moments like these in movies, because they're so ridiculous nobody would ever believe them.

In conclusion - welding and duct tape, and a lot of bodging, are what holds the world together.

Oh, and Finding Nemo is a cool film (the seagulls were highly amusing), and definitely a nice thing to watch before going to bed. :)
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To be honest, the entry is mostly here to advertise a very fun Winamp skin I found, and a new icon I've made. You don't read these things for the thrilling news and content, now do you?

In a search for new Winamp skins last week, I came across this one: a quite snazzy Pokemon Center one. Okay, so it's not particularly elegant, and it's a little garish... but the details are done so well. Bitrate and sample frequency appear on computer screens behind the Nurse Joys (Nurses Joy?), the track title scrolls across on an overhead monitor, and the normal buttons for fast-forward, play, pause, and so on have people standing there instead, who turn around when you click them. It's the first Winamp skin I've seen that's so inventive - pretty much all the controls have some sort of theme to them.

The other thing I was going to show off was my first attempt at animated GIFs. Okay, it's not a particularly great achievement, since I managed to make the animation by taking frames from video and editing them down... Still, it is at least mildly hypnotic, and features a character from a favourite series of mine, Princess Tutu. This fellow is Drosselmeyer, a rather scary old man with odd taste in clothes, a passion for writing... oh, and he also happens to be dead. Doesn't stop him from interfering in the lives of the other characters, of course.

So, I present:

Dancing Drosselmeyer

Dancing Drosselmeyer. Because everyone needs a scary spinning dead guy to lighten up their day. (The quotation on the icon is what he says at the end of each next-episode preview, while sitting in a rocking chair and cackling.)

In other news, I'm filling in an application form for a place as a Junior Library Assistant at the University Library. If I get accepted, I'll be working four and a quarter hours a week. Not much, I know, and it's only on Saturday morning so my tutor and DoS have agreed to let me do it. But it'll earn some money, which will always be helpful.

(EDIT: I've finally - about a year later - made a version that rotates at the right speed.)
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...and it's appropriate, I suppose, that the main topic of this post is about Hikaru no Go.

I'm sure you'll have heard my ravings about it before, but now the series is apparently coming to a close, according to this site. Seventy-five episodes, of which the seventy-first showed this Wednesday. Only a month left to go until the series finishes on Japanese TV.

For those of you ([ profile] aqouli?) who are reading the manga, this means that they'll get up to the end of volume 17 by the end of the series. Presumably the anime's starting to catch up with the manga, and they need to finish the series off for a while to let the manga get ahead again...

Well, whatever the reason, it's been a great series, and an addictive one. And now, at least, I won't have to worry about having two hundred episodes to summarise when I finally do start work on my HnG website.

Now that I know it's ending... anyone got any recommendations for other series to watch?

In other news, Stoke Mandeville is an amusing play, and one that I saw last night. Ridiculously British, and very amusing. (Example line: "It was a bitter struggle, make no joke of it, but in the end I managed to finish the blighter off with my pipe.") And a reference to Mr Wallace Greenslade in the programme, as well.
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In the middle of doing work for a supervision in about two hours. Just finished watching Card Captro Sakura episode 46 (the end of the second series) - after a few months of Sailor Moon, it's amazing how much... well, better, CCS is. The fact that it's newer, and thus the animation quality's better (and that I've got good copies of the episodes) could have something to do with that. Also the fact that it's by CLAMP. Go, CLAMP, go!

Watched the first twenty minutes or so of Kingdom Hearts today (James now has a PS2 memory card, and thus can play it). I now understand what [ profile] thistle_chaser was saying about Riku. Mmmm. And yes, he reminds me of Touya Akira, but I'm an Akira fangirl. (Why is it they have to make some of these 14-15 year old characters so darn attractive? ;)

Anyway... I return to contemplating the Contraction Mapping Theorem. Ah, the things we do to try to understand maths...
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Well, I gave [ profile] aqouli an activation code today, and set up his account (he's someone I RP with on PokeMUSH, y'see), and he wrote about what type of music he likes. So I figured I'd talk a little about my taste in music...

Hmm. When I was younger (up until about the age of 13), all the music I listened to was the stuff in my parents' record collection. Mostly classical, that is, apart from an Elton John album, a Beach Boys tape we used to play in the car, and a few Stevie Wonder tapes (he's still great. I bought a new copy of Songs In The Key Of Life a few years ago, as the tapes finally died).

At about 13 or 14, I started to listen to the radio... where I live, there's a fairly good FM radio station called Capital FM. (I live just inside the M25, which is the motorway which encircles London. So I'm close enough to get London radio, but not close enough to vote in the London mayoral elections which were held a few years ago...) So for the rest of my time at secondary school, I listened to that, and as a consequence heard (and taped) a lot of British and American pop music. Most of my albums date from that time, although they were almost all fairly old when I got them. Garbage's first album, Jagged Little Pill by the oh-so-eloquent Miss Morrisette (I want to know how she sings like that - when I sing along, my voice dies before the fifth song), Fin de Siecle by the Divine Comedy... also, "Hooray for Boobies", by the Bloodhound Gang, prompted by me seeing the video to "The Bad Touch" on a German music video channel while on holiday in France. (That's the one where they dress up as monkeys, for any of you who may have seen it.)

Anyway. That was up until the end of school. Then I ended up at university at a place that's some distance from London - yes, only about an hour's drive from home, but it's enough that you won't get Capital FM up here. I did listen to Radio Cambridge for a while, but I eventually couldn't be bothered. Then I found Audiogalaxy.

Now, Audiogalaxy is not particularly legal. It is (well, was) a system by which you could download MP3s, and would also be sending them to other people at the same time. It even, shockingly, worked on a 56k modem connection. That, and a search for "anime music videos" which lead me to Kestrel's site at, got me into October Project, and I also had the chance to listen to Ella Baila Sola (Spanish pop group of two girls), who I remembered as one of the groups my Spanish exchange liked.

Time passed, and Audiogalaxy got Napstered, and then I was introduced to the world of anime leeching, and with it the world of anime MP3s...

Currently, my playlist in Winamp is usually my unsorted anime songs. Which means I get random things like a Gensoumaden Saiyuki song which could be Ricky Martin if it weren't in Japanese (Bunny Doll), a Pokemon song which includes the lyrics "Karate Chop, Aurora Beamu wa Hydoru Pumpu" (Rival), and a spectacularly silly song called "Fantasy" which is the third Hikaru no Go opening song. And if you haven't heard of Hikaru no Go... you haven't known me long enough.

So I'm usually listening to stuff sung in a language I can barely understand. I can even sing along with some of it, too...

In other news, I got a new optical mouse which is working wonders, I've downloaded waaaay too much in the last two days, Battle Athletes(s) Victory is brilliant, Haibane Renmei is good but still mysterious, Hikaru no Go is as good as ever (I need more!), and I actually managed to finish one of the four Special Relativity questions I had to do over the holidays. Only those, and two other example sheets, and my two CATAM reports, and... *pants* Not enough time!

And back to "Fantasy" again. So silly. Probably never should have been associated with Hikaru no Go. I don't care - I love it. :D
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Or, in something more closely resembling English, I've been doing quite a lot of work recently. Most of it to make up for not understanding last term's courses because I was either:

  • On the river, rowing.

  • Half asleep in lectures and supervisions, because I'd got up at 5am three days a week to go rowing, and went to bed at 11pm-2am like normal.

  • Asleep in my bed when I should have been at lectures, because I'd got up at 5am etc. etc.

Thus, work is being done now. Also, I didn't get my computing project done during the summer because I didn't know it'd be in so soon... well, if I work hard, I can get everything done before it has to be handed in, and possibly even before I go back to college.

Rowing itself is out, for at least next term, and maybe for the rest of my time at university. Too tiring. Can't stand early mornings. I should've learnt from dev squad, where I regularly almost dozed off during our warmup in the boat. Oh, and (though this may be too much typing) my wrists regularly ache, as do random back, arm and leg muscles... enough whinging. I told the people on our anime club's IRC channel that I wasn't rowing next term, and one of them congratulated me. That fits with what most people I know think about rowers... they think they're insane. Couldn't agree more. :D

Went to see family in York, and to see the pantomime at the York Theatre Royal - much better than last year's, and David Leonard's little rant at the end ("I've been playing the villain for fifteen years, and every year I get killed off!") was wonderful. And I got a Wagon Wheel, too. They throw them into the audience before the curtain call, you see.

Anyway, in York I finally found a Claire's Accessories shop that sells Neopets merchandise, and I bought a Doglefox plushie (which, thanks to my dad's comment, is now called "Zaphod Doglephox") and two expensive notepads that had Rare Item Codes. Those are codes that, if you type them in in a certain area on the Neopets site, allow you to get rare items that can't be bought in the Neopets shops. I haven't opened them yet, as I'm not quite sure where they are... lost on my floor or shelves somewhere, I think.

And today, in the middle of writing out Methods notes, I finished the first Sailor Moon series. The whole thing about Tuxedo Kamen being brainwashed was quite a good plot line, I think, and the way they got him out of it was quite effective, too... I bet you never knew the light from a music box could be that powerful. :)

Still... they killed off /everyone/. Okay, Luna and Artemis were left alive (and I hope that we see some chemistry between them at some point, whether in R or in the S movie. Diana can't come from nowhere, can she? ;), and so were civilians like Usagi's family, but... they killed off all the Senshi. And Tuxedo Kamen. And then Usagi. And THEN... they all came back to life. Now that part wasn't very well explained - Luna described it as "things being as they were before", and since Naru doesn't seem confused by events happening again, or by meeting Mamoru for the first time once more, it looks like they really did set time back for a while. That, of course, makes me wonder... surely the Dark Kingdom would reemerge this time around, too? But that's a question best left unanswered, I suppose. Ah well, let's hope that my R episodes are watchable. I've seen Super already, and SuperS... that's apparently more done for laughs than for anything else. Stars, though, I want to see. More Haruka and Michiru! Yay!

Oh, and yesterday I discovered that many Hikaru no Go fangirls are scary. No, not all of them - I happen to be one, and I'm not all that scary - just the ones who write overly emotional, totally OOC fanfics with English so bad that I really do hope it's not their first language. Although there was one rather amusing fic - it called itself a "spamfic", which is a good sign that the author doesn't take themself seriously - that paired up Hikaru and Touya Akiko (Touya Akira's mother). Very amusing, although it'll take me a while to be able to watch HnG again.
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Two CDs of fansubs,
More MP3s
...and 6.82 gig free.

Today was strange - I got up much earlier than usual, in order to get into town to shop before it got too full. Since I was up so early, I decided I might as well wait to watch the sunrise.

Then my CDs arrived, and I gave up any attempt at doing anything. More Hikaru no Go!

For those who aren't familiar with the series, Hikaru no Go is a story about a boy called Shindou Hikaru who finds a Go board in his grandfathers attic, and a ghost with a tall hat comes out of it and possesses him... well, not exactly possesses, but the ghost (whose name is Sai of the Fujiwara) ends up living in Hikaru's mind. Sai is happy about at last having a physical presence, and persuades Hikaru to let him play Go. (For those of you not familiar with Go, it's a game of strategy that's much more complicated than chess, and popular in several Asian countires under different names.) At first, Hikaru is just playing the moves that Sai tells him to, but as time goes on, Hikaru starts to want to play himself...

Anyway, it's currently at episode 63 or something on TV Tokyo, and the fansubbers aren't far behind. I got episodes 59 and 60 today. And they were very good ones...

Lots of episode 59, 60 and later spoilers. )

We're due for another opening and ending theme in the next episode, I think, as the OPs change every 30 eps and the EDs roughly every 15.

And another random Hikaru no Go thing (I'm just full of them today)...

Which Hikaru no Go character are you?

I was quite amused that I ended up as Sai. It's a nice picture of him, too.

That's probably enough ranting about HnG for the whole week now... I haven't done much else today. Went to Borders, bought a LaTeX book to help with my computing project, and did nothing much before lunch. And got a new mouse (a funky optical one). That's about it, really.


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