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Aug. 20th, 2011 10:05 pm
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Today I have finally started on a programming idea I had a while ago - something that uses the Python Natural Language Toolkit to mess around with poetry.

What I have so far is something that automatically generates (almost) iambic pentameter. It's getting the words from Hamlet at the moment (each pair of words in the output occur next to each other in the play).

It is very bad iambic pentameter, mind, because I'm not taking into account where the emphasis is in words. (There's a dictionary I can use to do this, but I'm not using it yet.) But here's its first creation:

with your sister be pardon and armour
with sleep to stand you his tenders for his
with honesty can well appear like you
with speed to fall a farm it will wear him
with this hand more like madness range as you
with ecstasy of something musty him
with it cannot tell my lowest note him
with equal thanks are naught s cap of frame
with the foils have ta to her virgin as
with entertainment than his base into

As you can see, it's got some way to go. Because the output's random, I can't tell if its love for "with" is accidental or a bug in my code; another few runs of the code should be enough to find out. (The "ta" and "s" are because I'm removing punctuation, which is its own entry in the word lists I'm using - the first is probably from "ta'en".)

Next up - recognising word emphasis properly, possibly using more data and trigrams rather than just bigrams, and likely uploading to Github.
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Maelstrom again. I wrote an IC sestina back in early October, did some edits based on [ profile] oxfordgirl's feedback, and rewrote the final stanza again as it still wasn't clear. I think it's now more tightly written and holds together better, so am happy to show it to people.

This one might actually make it into uptime at some point, unlike another recent IC poem, so I'm happy to put it on a more public filter. Still, contains some in-character information and opinions about various heresies and their refutations, and is thus under a cut. :)

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...and my brain's capacity to code has just ended up rubbish today. Normal service may be resumed after I've finished current project at work.

So, instead of anything useful, have a triolet.

And, hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!

I raise my arm and start to knock,
and - "Hast thou slain the Jabberwock?" -
my father saw the broken lock,
the blood, his shattered, monstrous toy -
"And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy..."
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Ballgowning symptom #3: poetry.

By which I mean I wrote an IC villanelle. Filter very restricted; this hasn't gone to the intended recipient yet. Don't know how on earth I will be getting it there, but hey...

(Edited slightly following discussion in the comments.)

ETA, post Maelstrom event 1 2011: Intended recipient has (a) retired and (b) been sent the poem IC, so here it is for people in general. This may make it IC at some point, but at the moment I'm happy for people to see it OOC.

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For speech it selfe is artificiall and made by man, and the more pleasing it is, the more it preuaileth to such purpose as it is intended for: but speech by meeter is a kind of vtterance, more cleanly couched and more delicate to the eare then prose is, because it is more currant and slipper vpon the tongue, and withal tunable and melodious, as a kind of Musicke, and therfore may be tearmed a musicall speech or vtterance, which cannot but please the hearer very well. Another cause is, for that it is briefer & more compendious, and easier to beare away and be retained in memorie, then that which is contained in multitude of words and full of tedious ambage and long periods.

From The Arte of English Poesie again. I love the way this man writes.

Does anyone know what "tedious ambage" even is?
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I swear I read that as "wilde and sausage people" the first time. From a chapter title in The Arte of English Poesie, which I haven't read yet but now want to. :)

Anyway, this week seems to be one of those times I'm productive at everything except actual work. So here is a somewhat irreverent Maelstrom-themed sonnet. I think this counts as Spenserian (abab bcbc cdcd ee) although I've cheated with the c rhymes somewhat.

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