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Last of my CUTT fic, I suspect, given that we have a new system to come at the start of next academic year.

This is Natasha's last moments at last week's linear. Very much enjoyed the linear overall, especially the end. Thanks to all involved. :)

Richard is over there. Undead with him. Florian to my left, and Wulfric... Wulfric has screamed out his hatred, screamed out to Vivamort and is darting across the battlefield so fast I can barely see him, focusing all that rage on the necromancer who reminds him of his father.

I am holding back. I have always been holding back. Only fallen once so far - my right leg cut in too many places to stand, and even then we had the time to stop, to stem the bleeding, to get me back up.

I don’t know how much our actions have changed the necromancer. Although this isn’t him, still. This is his self, his pride, his confidence in himself. Changes to the memories might not have changed him.

I’m holding back. They won’t attack us if we hold back.

I promised Capri I’d help Florian to redeem himself. He... he doesn’t want to go back to Humact. He’s chosen a different god, not Vivamort, one he seems to understand better. Is that enough? Only she can say that. He’s the one she’s guarding, not me.

I’m holding back. Wulfric is fighting and I am unsure what to do next.

Merry left just before this, giving us all of the power that Laeknir had granted her to make us whole again. My armour - the armour of one of the other priests at the temple, actually, as mine is in a dozen tattered pieces after last week - is in good shape. The necromancer is standing near his undead, who are in a line. I could take them if I charged.

And I am holding back. I keep holding back. Holding back is why I am here and Sveta and Ivan are not.

...I am not going to hold back anymore.

I start running, sprinting round the edge of the line. The undead are not the problem here. Get to the necromancer and it will be solved, whatever happens.

And I’m running and I get to him and he is calling on the Balance to get me away and as I feel that push, like Wulfric has called on his god I call on mine, and time seems to stand still as His voice resounds in my head.

The moment ticks on.

The undead are flung away from us - the force pushing me away is gone - and I can face the necromancer, Richard, myself. Florian joins me. It is a short fight, and he is on the floor, and Humact’s words ring in my mind again, and I start to speak.

My Lord has granted me something great. I won’t kill this man - and that is something I am glad of, having seen some of his memories, where he was at least trying to protect those he loved, even if his arrogance twisted it - but I will remove, will burn away any trace of his knowledge of necromancy. Without that, we can-

...well. Without that, the others can deal with the village. My Lord has made it very clear to me what the price is for this. It is a great miracle, and a great honour. The others will know what to do. Capri, I hope that was enough of a redemption for Florian for you.

The rite is done. And like Uncle Vlad on that night with the guards, I fall.



“Da, it’s me. I’ve come to take you.”

A little hollow laughter. Do I have to go to the Woods, in the end?

“No. You did well. Tasha, I’m proud of you.”

Is… is Ivan there?

“Ivan’s there, yes.”


“...I don’t know. I was meaning to ask you about Astrid.”

Laughter again, but this time not hollow. I’m not sure where she is, sorry.

“Your brother’s here, you know.”

Vassily is?


Father, Mother?

“Da. They’re all here. You did it right, Tasha. And I am so proud of you.”

Date: 2014-04-30 08:22 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] rjw76
awww :-)

FWIW, Corin and I are pretty sure Astrid and Ivan (and Tanya :p) are together and happy, so...

Date: 2014-04-30 05:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That sounds absolutely awesome, I'm glad you got to go out with a bang :)


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