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Made this curry yesterday afternoon/evening.

- Quorn pieces instead of chicken. Seemed okay except they fell apart a lot.
- Can of Tesco green lentils (apparently the same as brown lentils?) instead of both red and brown.
- Powdered ginger instead of fresh, as we don't have any fresh.
- Chilli powder (mild) rather than fresh chilli, as it was either that or some dried crushed chillis and I wanted to err on the side of not hot enough rather than too hot. (I needn't have worried; see below.)
- No coconut milk, as we don't usually keep it in. Instead, 200ml water, 50ml semi-skimmed milk, and 100g of sliced almonds that had gone through the blender and were mostly meal/flour-like in texture (with some that hadn't blended). Worked okay as a thickener, I think, but didn't give much flavour.
- No mustard seed, as we didn't have any, and I reckoned substituting Dijon mustard would not have worked. I didn't expect it to be the biggest change.

The texture's good, and I'm very glad that the butternut squash came out well - I left the skin on, and while it was very very tough when I was chopping it, after three hours of simmering it'd softened very well.

However, missing out the mustard seed left it with no heat at all. it doesn't taste bad, but what taste there is is very subtle. Possibly the mildest not-quite-korma in the whole world.

Still edible enough to have it for lunch at work all this week, though! I've brought a chilli shaker in to add maybe a little more heat. (Also, I forgot to season it at the end, which can't have helped; at least we have seasonings at work too.)

Date: 2013-10-22 01:06 pm (UTC)
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Had a second go at this last Sunday (a week later):
- Used mustard seeds.
- Powdered ginger again rather than fresh ginger.
- Crushed chillis (that's what the Schwartz bottle says, at least) rather than fresh chilli or the rather insipid chilli powder from before.
- Cooked the onions-with-spices for longer, certainly long enough for a lot of the mustard seeds to start popping. Still don't know what the recipe means by "cook until fragrant", as they weren't getting any more fragrant and started off smelling interesting.
- Mixed up impromptu almond "milk" as before, since I still had 200g of mostly-blended almonds left.
- Actually remembered to season it! Just salt, as we don't seem to have a pepper grinder, but the salt was useful.

Worked better than before - haven't needed to spice it and it tastes pretty good. The Quorn pieces have a tendency to explode in the microwave, though, probably because of superheated pockets of water.
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